The Apad Irobot Aims To Be The Ipad Killer At Less Than Half The Price.-jiqingwuyuetian

.puters-and-Technology The aPad iRobot and Tablet PCs in general are the future… Or so say many of the biggest .puter hardware manufacturers in the world. The heads of HP, Samsung, Nokia and of course Apple, with the iPad have sworn that this will be the new way we interact with and use .puters. While Apples iPad is already on the market, all of the other .panies that want a piece of this .puter segment continue to work through designs and re-designs to ensure that they get their slate or tablet PCs just right. That hasnt stopped some smaller, yet very innovative .panies from jumping on the tablet PC bandwagon, releasing various tablet pcs and form factors to try and .pete with, and offer an alternative to, Apples iPad. The operating system of choice for many of these small .panies is Googles own ANDROID OS. Already popular in many smartphones that have .e to market. It was originally designed only as a smartphone os, but works amazingly well as a full fledged touch control operating system on tablet PCs too. Much like Apple using their iPhone OS in a tablet PC, manufacturers are looking to the previously mobile only Android OS for their tablets as well. One of the small .panies I mentioned earlier developed and is shipping the aPad iRobot is poised to be a real contended in the tablet PC world. While .panies such as HP and Samsung try and rush out tablets that weve only seen concept art for, the aPaid iRobot has already started shipping and aPads are already in the hands of customers world wide. While the .pany behind the aPad iRobot may be small, the aPad itself is BIG on features. Boasting expandable memory via MicroSD Flash cards and built in apps and videos, set up out of the box, to allow you to take your content with you anywhere you please. The aPad .es with a 7 touch screen and runs Google Android OS. With a built in camera – something the iPad from Apple lacks – it offers video conferencing from the moment you open the box and power up the unit. It runs Android OS 1.6 and has built in support for GMAIL email, High Definition Videos, and access to all the Android Marketplace apps you can get your hands on. All installable and useable just like Apps from Apples AppStore. One of the things people .plained about with the iPad was the lack of a standard or mini USB port, to allow third party accessories to be connected easily – and without having to spend more money on adapters. The aPad iRobot has that covered too, with the mini USB allowing you to add any USB .patible device, including an external Hard Drive and USB keyboards too. And not to be out done by anything Apple. The Apad also has the built in G-Sensor so that it will automatically switch to the direction that youre holding the aPad – either vertically or horizontally. An 600mhz processor powers the aPad, with an additional 600mhz for the DSP (digital signal processor) allowing HD movies to be watched. Our favorite time waster – YouTube, is just a touch away as an icon on the main menu. Youll instantly be on YouTube watching whichever video you want to watch. For all of the social networking folks out there, youre set to go as well. Facebook and every other major site can be accessed via the built in Google Browser that bring up web pages lightning fast on the high resolution 7 screen. Google Maps, Google Talk and PDF reader are all built in. Much like Apples iPad, the aPad is a very capable and .fortable eBook reader too. And its much more .fortable to read your eBooks on the aPad than on any mobile phone out there. Sometimes, bigger IS better. And this is really the case with the aPad iRobot. And the best part of the aPad iRobot is the price. While Apples entry level unit .es in at a crisp $499.00 – the entry level aPad can be had for less than half the price. At under $200.00 its much more obtainable for the majority of people that want to try out a Tablet PC but dont want to spend $500.00 to do so. I can honestly say that for most regular tasks, browsing the web, reading and responding to email, catching YouTube videos, etc… a Tablet PC – in this case the aPad, feels much more natural than any notebook or .book out there today. Theres just something about holding it in your hands and being able to carry it around with you to show videos or pictures to friends that really does make a tablet PC very attractive. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: