The 2016 ending drama of Guangzhou auto show car forward (SUV) (video) denka

The 2016 ending drama of Guangzhou auto show car forward (SUV) Guangzhou international auto show once a year will import and Export Fair in Chinese in November 18, 2016 will be the venue (Pazhou hall opening). As the domestic auto industry’s ending drama, this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show (micro-blog) also has a variety of heavy car appearance and listing. At present, there are about a month from the Guangzhou motor show, we first look at the Guangzhou auto show which will be the new car figure. 2017 new Shanghai Volkswagen SUV Wolfsburg, inside and outside the car design – – Volkswagen Teramont car aspect: large SUV new flagship, the Volkswagen brand’s largest SUV models Volkswagen will launch a large SUV new flagship, the new SUV is expected to be large in the CrossBlue concept car (the plan) the production version, or called Teramont. It is reported that the car is expected in November Guangzhou auto show world premiere. According to the declaration information, SAIC Volkswagen New large SUV models Teramont body size is 5039× 1989× 1773mm, wheelbase 2980mm. The car size beyond cash Touareg (cf. distribution, pictures, inquiry), the same as the second generation of Q7, will be the largest of VW brand SUV models. In addition, the new car will provide 5 and 7 models available. According to the configuration of the different, the car in the fog area, grille, windows, rear bumper and other parts of the body side, there will be subtle changes in the high allocation of vehicles will be equipped with silver trim, the visual effect is more delicate. It is reported that, LED headlights and skylight is not all standard. In addition, the new car has 24560 R18, 25555 R19, 25550 R20 three different specifications of the tire to choose from. Teramont should be based on the MQB platform to build, after the listing, the car will become the largest MQB platform models. Domestic models of power has been confirmed, will provide high and low power version of the 2.0T engine options, maximum power of 162kW (220PS) and 137kW (186PS). Skoda Kodiaq new aspect: Based on the MQB platform to build, to provide a 57 seat version of the optional Skoda Kodiaq new medium SUV in Beijing on September 2nd morning starting in Berlin, according to the official news, the domestic version of the Skoda Kodiaq will be officially released in November at the Guangzhou auto show, the car is equipped with 1.4T and 2.0T engine, and provides five and seven models the second quarter of 2017, is expected to officially listed. Appearance, Skoda Kodiaq appearance of the body the use of a large number of design elements Vision S concept car, crystal style headlamps, which symbolizes the elements of lucky clover. The new 2791mm standard wheelbase, 5 seat, second seat can move back and forth and adjustable angle, also will provide a 7 seat version for consumer choice. The interior design style, Skoda Kodiaq is still designed for regular, symmetrical, three.相关的主题文章: