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Recommended ten fun puzzle game – Sohu "maternal mammalian animal games appeared in large numbers, it is rapidly formed synaptic connections between nerve cells in the brain, in order to create in the transmission of information between the brain regions of dense neural connections during the period." J. — L. Frost, American children and brain science development experts, "the study found that the game is not sufficient or rarely touch the children, their brains are smaller than normal children’s brain 20%-30%." Of Bello School of Medicine (Baylor College Medicine), the game is an adult can be competent for the work of the precursor or pioneer." — GROSSMANS, is really too much American psychologist, the benefits of the game, do not speak, direct recommendation game! After the mother recommended ten puzzle games featured these games, is a complete home mom in the course of more than and 10 years raising two baby, tried countless games in the family, after repeated experience of selection of recommended fun and puzzle, promote exchanges, enhance children thinking, imagination, emotional intelligence games, including some kind of knowledge the school can also be learned so easily! "Rich man" (Monopoly) classic real estate management game. Have a direct effect on improving children’s math skills, in the process of playing it can enhance parent-child communication and understanding — the child will soon know the family who is the most heart: for example, mom always promised property with their own replacement, the first bankruptcy. The problem is that each time is too long, when my brother came back from kindergarten every afternoon, a game often play for several days in a row… Age: 4 years old and above the number: 2-4 hours: hours to several days, "turn on" (Fan Duidui) Chinese character game. 100 basic Chinese characters. A bit like Memory, but the rhythm and the rules of the game and so do a very clever adjustment, more fun, more suitable for children. Design experts from the Australian Language and games, is pure game, children play happily, on the way to learn to read, which belongs to the lazy mom essential artifact. Age: 3 years old and above the number: 2-4 people long: 20 minutes, "Galli" (Halli) to exercise children’s ability to respond and observation of the game. Players must ring the bell when they see five identical fruits. The rules of the game is simple, one family climax playing together repeatedly, is to promote family harmony. The downside is that there is a raised bell, each rush to go by, the hands of others also hit your hands, palms was hurt. Age: 3 years old and above number: 2 time: about 30 minutes "Catan" (Settlers of Catan) strategy game. The common cultivated Catan, through the village and the city building and road building to expand its sphere of influence. A strategy, there is cooperation, there are a lot of intrigue, cliques. Exercise emotional quotient,.相关的主题文章: