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Contribute To Charitable Trust In India For Tax Deductible Donations Posted By: Akshaya Patra Tax deductible donations are a practical and constructive way to benefit a cause. Through donations a not-for-profit organisation can increase its reach to benefit more and more beneficiaries and tax deductions comes of aid to the donor during filing of income tax returns. There are many not-for-profit organisations that give the privilege of tax deductible donations. The Akshaya Patra Foundation, charitable trust in India began its service way back in 2000 and started to provide mid-day meal as an NGO in Surat and in other 23 locations. The Foundation has been granted the permission to make available tax benefits to its donors who donate Rs. 500 or more under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act of India. Beginning with just one serving location as a charitable trust in India, Akshaya Patra witnessed the need and impact of the mid-day meal programme. Thus gradually and strategically it executed its expansion plans and during the 15 years of service it now is operational as a Non-governmental organization in Surat and 23 other locations.

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Akshaya Patra Hyderabad Charitable Trust In India Provides Tax Exemption On Donation Posted By: Akshaya Patra The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a charitable trust in India. This charitable trust has been working towards the cause of providing mid-day meal to children since the year 2000. Akshaya Patra started the cause by feeding just 1,500 children of five Government schools in Bangalore, Karnataka. Gradually the need of this programme was felt in nearby schools too and it started expanding its feeding capacity to more schools and children. Over the years along with continuing to serve mid-day meal in its original serving location, this charitable trust in India strategically expanded itself to cater to the needs of the rest of the country. With the help of Central Government, various State Governments and many generous donors, Akshaya Patra today serves as a NGO in 23 locations of 10 states. One of its service locations is Vadodara in Gujarat. As a NGO in Vadodara, Akshaya Patra started its operation in November 2009. This NGO in Vadodara runs a centralised kitchen to cater to the mid-day meal requirement of 113,593 children studying in 616 Government schools (index as per March 2014).

ngo in Vadodara Tax Deductible Donations For Mid-day Meal Programme Posted By: Akshaya Patra The mid-day meal programme implemented by The Akshaya Patra Foundation is an initiative of the Government of India to provide free school lunch to children studying in Government schools. This programme acts like a supporting pillar to aid literacy programmes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. The mid-day meal programme has been able to bring children to school from lower socio-economic families for the main reason and hope of receiving one free meal. Parents who would otherwise send their children earn a square meal send them to school primarily for the reason of free food and in the process these children receive their rightful share of education too. Witnessing the power of one meal, the Government of India started to encourage the participation of Non-Governmental Organisations to implement the mid-day meal programme even at the grass root level of the society. This encouragement has led many NGOs to take up mid-day meal programme as their core cause. One such organisation is a NGO in Bangalore. This NGO in Bangalore started serving mid-day meal at Government schools in Bangalore before the official orders by the Supreme Court to provide cooked mid-day meals at schools.

ngo in bangalore Tax Exemptions For Donating To Ngo For Children Posted By: Akshaya Patra What could be better than offering aid to NGO for children and receiving tax exemptions too. It means charity and personal benefit at the same time. There are many children charitable organisations in India working towards a gamut of issues pertaining to children safety, health, education, empowerment and the like. These NGO for children do receive Government support but they depend considerably upon participation from the society. Hence they always appreciate and acknowledge the participation of supporters, donors and volunteers in some or the other way. Some charitable organisations in India provide tax exemptions to its donors for their valuable contribution towards the cause. One such charitable organisation in India is The Akshaya Patra Foundation. Akshaya Patra is an Indian NGO for children working towards the cause of providing free mid-day meal at Government schools. This NGO began its service towards children in June 2000 by feeding 1,500 children in five Government schools in Bangalore. Gradually this charitable organisation in India expanded its reach to other locations across the country. Presently, this NGO for children serves in 23 locations covering 10 states. Every day more than 1.

NGO for children Tax Deductible Donations On Contributing To Ngo In Chennai Posted By: Akshaya Patra As a NGO in Chennai, The Akshaya Patra Foundation serves mid-day meal to school-going children. Akshaya Patra made its advent as a mid-day meal NGO in Chennai in July 2011. Today it serves 718 children this location. Apart from serving as a mid-day meal NGO in Chennai, Akshaya Patra also implements this programme in 22 other locations. This Non-Governmental Organisation is operating in 10 Indian states and it serves 1.4 million children every day. Akshaya Patra functions in a Public-Private Partnership model where it receives support from Government and donors. The Central Government and various State Governments support this Non-Governmental Organisation by providing grants and subsidies for implementing the mid-day meal programme. The generous contribution by donors both individuals and corporate houses towards Akshaya Patra has helped the Foundation to expand the programme and increase its beneficiary base. The potential of the mid-day meal programme is well understood by the Government and the NGO.

Ngo in Chennai New Jersey Volunteer Recognizes By International Relief Posted By: Sydney Hardison Sarasota, FL, January 23, 2014 – Len Nemeroff, of Hamilton, N.J., has been named Ambassador of the Month by international disaster relief organization, ShelterBox. Nemeroff was selected from a group of more than 400 ShelterBox USA Ambassador volunteers nationwide, who actively raise funds and awareness for the charity through public engagements. ShelterBox provides humanitarian aid-emergency tented shelter and other supplies, such as stoves, blankets and water filtration systems, among other tools to help families rebuild their lives after losing their homes and possessions following a disaster such as earthquake, volcano, flood, hurricane, cyclone, tsunami or conflict. Volunteer and member of the Rotary Club of Hamilton Township, Nemeroff is being recognized for his efforts to assist families made homeless by Typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines in November. From visiting local Rotary clubs to inspiring individuals, Nemeroff helped to raise more than $90,000 in only a few weeks. His efforts will assist nearly 100 of the most vulnerable families. "ShelterBox USA has a strong volunteer base and I’m incredibly proud of their accomplishments," Emily Sperling, president of ShelterBox USA, said.

ShelterBox USA Contribute To Akshaya Patra For Tax Deductible Donations Posted By: Akshaya Patra As the dates for filing income tax nears, so does the search for different ways of availing tax deductible donations. The well known Indian NGO, The Akshaya Patra Foundation gives its donors the provision of availing tax deductible donations for all donations above Rs. 500. Any contribution above Rs. 500 is 100% exempted from tax under section 35AC of the Income Tax Act of the Government of India. By contributing charitable donations tax deduction can be availed in different denominations depending upon the contribution made and the NGO that a donor is contributing to. Tax deductible donations are indeed a win-win situation for both the donor and the beneficiary. When a donor contributes charitable donation tax deduction benefits him and the donated fund benefits the child or the cause. The donations for schools in India can benefit many children at the ground level. These schools give the children from economically backward sections the opportunity to get education. The Akshaya Patra Foundation, implements the mid-day meal programme in more than 10,000 such schools across India. The Foundation gives its donors the choice to contribute donations for schools in India by sponsoring an Akshaya Patra beneficiary school for a year.

tax deductible donations Converting A Bargain Sale Property Donation Into Microloans Assists Relieve Poverty In The World Posted By: Derick Sutton Non-profit organizations like Mercy Foundation are helping vulnerable communities and individuals throughout the world find sustainable solutions to poverty. Donations could be made through bargain sale real estate, a process where donors sell unwanted or hard to sell real estate. Donors make a tax-deductible donation, as well as get a cash sum in return. By donating real estate to finance microloans, donors and charities are one step closer to finding a real-world solution to poverty. Read on to see how microfinance has helped change the lives of hardworking, talented entrepreneurs in some of the world’s poorest communities. Microfinance Changes Lives Mother of 5, Drary, from South Sudan opened her general store five years ago and works single handedly to run it so that she may send her kids to school. She sent applications for a microfinance loan so she might increase her flour stock- a staple product in the community- increase her profit margin, and improve the standard of living for her family. Drary has returned her loan in full, due to the safe, financial support she has received via micro-lending and her children continue to attend full-time education.

Mercy Foundation How Can Non Profit Charitable Organizations Help Stop Poverty With Microfinance Loans Funded Posted By: Derick Sutton Society has developed faster in the last 200 years than it has over its entire life span. The industrialization of the West through the discovery of non-renewable energy sources and advancements in technology has resulted in businesses and conglomerates have entered a worldwide stage and the world’s wealth now belongs to a minority: The divide between rich and poor has increased dramatically, and based on UNDP statistics, in 2011 around four hundred million people were living on under $1.25 a day. The question of how to end poverty must be at the forefront of globalization, not how mankind may further widen the gap. The impact of poverty can be substantially lowered by non-profit organizations providing help for the poor through micro-loans and micro-lending to impoverished communities. What is a Microloan? Microloans are different from normal charitable donations which disappear once they are used, since they could be re-loaned and reused once they have been repaid in full. Repayment rates are excellent because they’ve 0% interest. Microloans could be created by bargain sale property and bargain sale real estate donations.

Mercy Foundation How Microloans Benefit People By Offering A Solution To Poverty And Help For The Poor Posted By: Derick Sutton What is a Microloan? Microloans are a economically safe process of financial borrowing for monetarily insecure individuals and communities, and offer a hand up from poverty instead of a give away. Capital for microloans could be accumulated by bargain sale real estate transactions, a system of donating property which has little value in its current market that creates a tax deductible donation and funds for the seller. The proceeds and make safe investment funds for the borrower who is then able to realize their business targets. In ’06, a Nobel Peace Prize was given to a Bangladeshi economist who setup a microloan program and helped decrease rural poverty. AND _r=0 Microfinance loans have a High Repayment Rate Borrowing through microfinance often takes place within groups of business owners, the members of which support each other with programs and repayments if unpredicted circumstances mean that the borrower cannot make a repayment. The Twunguke II group in Burundi have supported Chantal in ten microloans for her flour business, which have been repaid 100% in full- the most recent being $2,800.

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US charitable donations Form A Non-profit Corporation Today Posted By: Jessica Arthur To form a nonprofit corporation is like the regular corporation but will have a tax exemption status. You want to start your own tax-exempt organization; you have come to the right place. Our services will help you to establish protection and credibility for your Corporation. The nonprofit Corporation is used for purposely for educational, religious, scientific and others. It will provide your business legal protection to separate your personal assets from the undertakings of the Corporation. Like all other types of business, the nonprofit corporation needs to have a license to operate which has offices and to use given name by the state. You can start to form a nonprofit corporation, and we will help you meet the requirements that IRS set forth to have a tax exemption status. There are a number of benefits that you can have from forming a nonprofit Corporation with us. The nonprofit corporation is that does corporate purpose for the benefits of the general public without stock holders and any other takings. This kind of corporation can pay reasonable salaries of the business. The ownership of this corporation can easily be transferred through the sale of the assets and shares.

Non-Profit Corporation Reduce Your Tax With Charity Donation Posted By: Stock Donator To pay an income tax is the responsibility of each and every citizen. The money acquired through the taxation contributes a lot to the economy of the country, and hence plays vital role in the development of nation’s roads, schools, collages, hospitals, etc. Nevertheless, everyone looks for ways to limit tax liability, and various strategies are applied for tax reduction. However, the best way to reduce the tax is by donating stocks to charity. This is beneficial for both the donor and receiver, as charities always require donations. However, in order to reduce taxes, the charity should be a tax-exempt organization. Many times, finding a right charity is quite difficult for many of us. Thankfully, there are websites such as Stock Donator that make the process of stock donations to charity extremely efficient and streamlined. Why are stock donation enablers required? The best online charity donations systems are familiar with various types of organizations and hence, they deliver your stock donations to appropriate charities, which are in need of your donation. Thus, your donation is most appropriately utilized by a charity that accepts such a donation.

stock donations made fast Benefits Of Donation To Tax-exempt Charities Posted By: Stock Donator Clothes, food, furniture, educational and money help, are some of the basic amenities that we donate to the underprivileged people. However, we are often not sure about whether our donation is getting utilized efficiently. Hence, although we know that a donation is the best way to touch the hearts of millions, we don’t find it worthwhile. A stock donation to tax-exempt charities, is good because it also reduces our tax amount. Thus, what we need for donation, is reliable platform, one that assures us the efficient use of our donation. This is where online stock brokers play a vital role in our donation process. The brokers or online brokerage firms connect donors with a non-profit organization that is in dire need of a donation. Some brokers may provide you the web platform, where you can mention the usage of your contribution, and check the utilization of your donation. This gives you the assurance of an efficient usage of your donation. The best online brokerage firms provide a list of organizations that you can select as per your interest. An excellent way to choose an organization for stock donations is to read the reviews of various donors about that particular organization.

stock donations made fast Find Best Online Brokerages For Stock Donations Posted By: Stock Donator On account of rapidly developing online technology, demand for online transactions are picking up pace. Today, we see that most of the transactions such as railway bookings or air-tickets bookings, banking transactions, shopping, etc. are done through the internet. Internet speeds up these transactions offering the flexibility of doing these transactions such from anywhere at any time. In the stock world, this lead to increase the number of online brokerages. For instance, if you want to make stock donation or any kind of charitable donation, you will find host of online brokerages but none which allow you to make a charitable donation of stock. A way for Online brokerages to allow charity donations would simplify ones task by taking responsibility of all the necessary paper work and follow-ups. Unfortunately, no such system exists. Besides, simplifying the donation process, the best online brokerages would allow you to donate your stock to those non-profit organizations, which are in dire need of funds. Hence, your donation means a lot to whom you are offering it. Moreover, the donor gets significant tax benefits on his or her charitable donation.

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stock donations made fast Tips For Making Tax-deductible Donations Posted By: CCSTB As the end of the year rolls around, many people begin to think about tax planning and how they can lower their annual taxes for the year. Donations to charity are certainly one of the best ways to reduce your taxable income so that you will owe less in federal income taxes. And by making a donation, you can also help others who are less fortunate, or contribute to a cause that you believe in, like the environment or animal welfare or providing scholarships to gifted children. However, there are some very important things you must know before you write your check or make your charitable donation. First of all, you cannot take a tax deduction until you actually make your donation. If you just make a pledge or promise to donate, there is nothing for you to deduct until you fulfill that pledge or promise by making your payment or turning over the items you are donating. Secondly, you must contribute to an organization that meets the IRS’s requirements for a being a qualified tax exempt charity.

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Fundraising Consulting Uc Davis Researcher Receives Grant For Groundbreaking Arthritis Research Posted By: Derek Belisle Iannis Adamopoulos, a UC Davis researcher who specializes in skeletal and immune-system diseases, has been selected as an Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF) Scholar and Sontag Foundation Fellow. Adamopoulos will receive a grant of $75,000 to further his promising research on rheumatoid arthritis. One of 13 ANRF scholars, he is the only awardee to be recognized by the Sontag Foundation. ANRF is one of a select few tax deductible charities that specialize in Arthritis Research. "We are delighted to name Dr. Adamopoulos as The Sontag Foundation Fellow for 2011," said philanthropist and Sontag Foundation President Rick Sontag. "His work may provide the next breakthrough to finally end the debilitating disease that plagued my mother for 37 years and ended her life." Adamopoulos, an assistant professor of internal medicine, discovered that an immune cytokine known as interleukin 23 (IL-23) is a key regulator of joint inflammation and bone destruction. His finding that abnormal expression of IL-23 causes severe arthritis and bone loss in mice was recently confirmed in human cells. The next step in his research is to determine the potential of IL-23 inhibitors as arthritis treatments. "Dr.

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