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Business SUPERFAX Contact Information: Send and receive faxes by email with Superfax. No fax machine, No dedicated phone line and No toner required. Uses green technology with 0 electrical unit consumption Only Rs 200/month. (Service accessible from any device) Indian Fax numbers Available Register today for a free trial period (shall take 2 seconds to register) Click HERE for a FREE Trial! Link: Contact Information: Priyo (Manager-Support):+91-9582363653 Amit (National Account Manager):+91-9717005495 SUPERFAX Brief: Knowlarity .munications Pvt. Ltd., hosted telephony solutions .pany has announced the launch and availability of what it termed as a revolutionary product, the SuperFax. The .pany is looking to position SuperFax as a replacement for fax machines. As per a .pany release, SuperFax allows users to receive faxes in their email inbox as a PDF file attachment. Moreover, they get an SMS alert as and when a fax is received. For sending a fax on to a particular number, one needs to .pose an email, attach the file (in any format) that is needed to be faxed and send it to faxnumber (at) superfax.(dot) in. The fax gets delivered to the intended number. Not just that, with SuperFax one can receive fax on more than one email account and the copy of the fax can be sent to multiple people automatically. Stored in the inbox, faxes can be referred to anytime in the future. No upfront investment in a fax machine, no telephone lines, no busy connections, no electricity, no thermal or plain paper, no ink cartridges & no maintenance is required, claims a news release. SuperFax supports digital file format and users can receive free and unlimited faxes. However, one of the best deals is theres absolutely no need to pay for long distance tariff while sending a fax to a STD or an ISD number. This results in huge savings. According to Ambarish Gupta, Co-founder & CEO, Knowlarity .munications, Over the years the world has moved from letters to email. The hassle associated with maintaining a fax machine is making it obsolete by the day. SuperFax, the new avatar of the traditional fax is here to bridge the digital divide. It facilitates sending the paper documents on email and vice versa. Pallav Pandey, Co-founder and COO, Knowlarity .munications, elucidated further, It is ideal for mobile executives who cannot collect their faxes from stationary machines. They can receive and send fax via their very own private and virtual fax number from anywhere in the world. Not to forget the fact that there are no peeping toms to whom the contents of the fax are exposed till the time it reaches you from the machine. The 128-bit encryption ensured .plete security. Not to the paperless office and go-green aspect that it brings in. There is a free 15 day trial available wherein one can send 10 pages and receive 10 pages to gain a first-hand experience of this product. Enjoy your free Fax sitting at home! Author: Ourba Ganguly (Technology Blogger) About the Author: 相关的主题文章: