Strict management of Lintong small workshops without the one vote can not produce (video)-iptd-651

Strict management of Lintong small workshops without the "one vote" may produce business to further standardize the behavior of small workshops, small workshop production of food source traceability, to query, risk control, responsibility can be held ", the day before, Lintong District food and Drug Administration on the area of small workshops" one vote "carry out a comprehensive implementation of the supervision and inspection. The 22 grassroots food and drug administration took various forms of inspection, urging small workshop operators to consciously implement the "one vote pass" system, the implementation of the "one vote pass" system of behavior according to law, according to regulations for disposal. At the same time, the area of the food business, catering service providers, organs of school canteens, group meal distribution unit, farmers markets and other areas to increase inspection efforts, focusing on the Steamed Buns, fresh noodles, meat, cake, tofu and other varieties have completed permission to conduct a comprehensive inspection, do not stay dead, strictly implement the requirements of the "one vote" system and strictly implement the purchase inspection certificate and invoice system, those who can not provide food in small workshops "one vote" bill, can not explain the legitimate sources of the products will not be allowed, production and operation. It is understood that the "one vote pass" content includes small workshop name, address, license number, product name, production date, shelf life, date of supply, purchase unit, contact telephone, etc., as sales ledger for collection, use and reference. For the small workshops that have not implemented the "one vote pass" system, the food and drug supervision departments at the county level or above should be ordered to rectify and reform. Reporter Zhang Liang correspondent Chen Xiaoqi (Shaanxi newspaper) Note: the video is only extended reading. Zhejiang: small workshop build big brand "overseas purchasing", true or false

临潼严管小作坊 没有“一票通”不得生产经营  为进一步规范食品小作坊的经营行为,实现小作坊生产的食品“来源可追溯、去向可查询、风险可掌控、责任可追究”的目标,日前,临潼区食药监局对辖区小作坊“一票通”落实情况开展全面监督检查。   该局22个基层食药监所采取多种形式检查,督促小作坊经营户自觉落实“一票通”制度,对不落实“一票通”制度的行为依法依规进行处置。   同时,对辖区内食品经营者、餐饮服务提供者、机关学校食堂、集体用餐配送单位、农贸市场等区域加大检查力度,重点对馒头、鲜面条、肉制品、糕点、豆腐等已经完成许可品种进行全面检查,不留死角,严格落实“一票通”制度要求,严格落实进货查验和索证索票制度,凡是不能提供小作坊食品“一票通”票据的,不能说明产品合法来源的,一律不得生产经营。   据了解,“一票通”内容包括小作坊名称、地址、许可证号、产品名称、生产日期、保质期、供货日期、购货单位、联系电话等,作为销售台账进行收集、使用和备查。对未落实“一票通”制度的小作坊,由县级以上食品药品监管部门责令整改。本报记者张亮通讯员陈晓棋(三秦都市报)注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 浙江:小作坊造大品牌“海外代购”真假难辨相关的主题文章: