Strange doctor to watch the special effects to create the most dazzling hero kamikaze love

"Doctor Strange" aspect secret effects to create the most unusual hero "strange doctor" Chinese poster vertical version of Beijing time on November 4th, issued by the Chinese film, marvel studios production, Disney pictures produced the superhero movie "Doctor Strange" (Doctor Strange) officially released nationwide. As a new marvel series masterpiece, "strange" with the original story, very interesting to open a new world view, the present time reversal, hide magic thousand, subversive imagination magical world for the audience. The visual effects of the film is creative, unprecedented reach the peak of perfection. The most powerful effect of the unique dedication of the first annual visual feast of the film has always been a good visual effects for the people, this strange doctor is to enhance the effect of the film to a new height. Gorgeous battle scene magic effects spectacular, showing unprecedented shock to become an independent school, perception; and let the human brain hole wide open, dazzling scenes of the movie were also praised the audience is the essence of "Inception" mashup "matrix" of. Whether it is in melee, or nervous chase, "Dr." in the singular are fully upgraded, the protagonists fly or a skyscraper, glass curtain wall and the car to drive to the downtown streets can become a platform between characters fighting Parkour; also upgraded to the magic and martial arts, physical intelligent bucket full battle. Compared to the previous superhero movie, "Doctor Strange" can be said to be completely out of the routine, play out new tricks, or 3D, a variety of dazzling action scenes will let the audience find everything fresh and new. In addition, the film version of IMAX 3D contains more than 60 minutes of IMAX full frame images, with a terrified shocking action scenes, "Doctor Strange" will offer the grand visual feast of the year 2016! The audience media acclaim "singular" Dr. Jin as "Doctor Strange" distraction height has been in the overseas many countries and regions aggressively, and get professional critics and viewers praise. The rotten tomatoes movie network included 175 film review, rave reviews, the freshness of up to 90%! The effects of the wonders of unprecedented has been one of the highlights, and this has been the consensus of all the critics, "dazzle the eyes" and "very shocked", "Hey," the light is not worth the price effects have been praised "emerge in an endless stream. "Hollywood reporter" think "strange doctor" in addition to the excellent selection of angle and eye opening effects, into the fascinating Oriental mystery, making the film in the marvel of many successful commercial blockbusters in talent shows itself "variety" critic; table shows, current superhero movies homogenization more serious, but "strange doctor" is a full of innovation, there is no new work, he also said excitedly "doctor" is "strange" Spider Man 2 "best Marvel movie; movie website The Playlist also praised the" strange ", is one of the best Marvel movie, no urine point…… "There is no doubt to Doctor Strange" Marvel studios and a high god! Doctor strange scenes gone up determined to join "complex 3" as an important superhero debut.)相关的主题文章: