Special offer ticket ticket flying double 11 domestic city hundred yuan webquest

Special offer ticket ticket 11 double flying domestic city 100 yuan with 11 coming, airlines have to catch the excitement. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Tianhe Airport, China Southern Airlines, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, AirAsia, Shenzhen Airlines and other Airlines launched "from the Southeast Fly domestic city 1000 yuan, 100 yuan big promotion. It is reported that Shenzhen Airlines launched a variety of packages, 11 domestic round-trip Bangkok tax 1190 yuan, tax 1390 yuan from Phuket Island, and from Singapore tax 1410 yuan, tax 650 yuan from Hongkong to Taipei, including tax 1440 yuan, tax 1600 yuan from South Korea, and Japan tax 1505 yuan. WeChat China Southern Airlines launched the reservation price, go to Vietnam Dao Phu Quoc night Resort Hotel and a return ticket only 299 yuan, Toronto Shangri-La to Canada for a night plus round-trip ticket 1949 yuan, 2268 yuan round-trip ticket to australia. AirAsia launched many domestic flights to Pattaya, Bangkok City 388 yuan, 288 yuan to Chiang Mai. Many airlines launched low-cost domestic air tickets, such as Wuhan to Shiyan 110 yuan, Xiangyang $149, Xi’an 220 yuan, Xiamen $230…… Tianhe Airport sources said, according to the relevant provisions, started earlier this month, 800 km and 800 km above the following routes are part of the route to determine the fare right by the airlines to develop independently. In other words, the airline in order to compete with high-speed rail, push special tickets will be more and more.相关的主题文章: