Six Tips For Creating A Unique Office Environment-norton disk doctor

Sales Your office is a home away from home for you and your employees, so the right office environment is very important. After all, most people spend between eight and ten hours a day at the office, usually five days a week. That’s a lot of time spent with colleagues and office furniture instead of relaxing on a sofa with their loved ones at home! If you design your office properly and decorate it with some unique touches, however, you’ll soon discover that your co-workers are less stressed, more productive and generally in a better frame of mind. Why? Because the right office environment affects your mood. Here are some tips for creating a unique office environment that make coming to work a lot more enjoyable. 1. Remember that traditional doesn’t have to be boring. Is this an insurance office? Law office? That doesn’t mean you have to stick with stodgy office furniture and traditional dark leather furnishings. Mix it up by considering traditional styles in bright, contemporary colors or go with traditional dark leathers and fabrics but choose unusual furniture like the newer mesh back designs that are comfortable and sleek. The unexpected always livens things up. 2. Focus on little details for big impact. Every office desk chair has to have one of those awful plastic or rubber mats to protect the floor, right? Wrong! Check out some of the beautiful new options that protect wood floors and carpeting while putting style under everyone’s feet. You can get elegant, durable wood floor mats with rubber backing that work anywhere and come in rich woods like walnut, cherry, teak and bamboo. Everyone will feel like they have their own hardwood floor! 3. Forget the motivational posters. You see them in every office, with photos of eagles soaring or someone climbing a mountain and an inspirational quote at the bottom. Ditch these and go for something more high-end and less junior high. One or two fine art prints, professionally matted and framed, will look so much more elegant than ten motivational posters. They’ll even make your office furniture look newer and brighter. 4. Open things up. Your reception area doesn’t have to look daunting. In fact, you should aim for an office environment that’s welcoming for your clients, so get rid of the 1980’s corporate power desk where the receptionist perches to look down on everyone who walks in. A smaller, lower desk will seem more approachable. The same goes for your reception area. You don’t need long banks or chairs stiffly lined up against the wall it’s too cold and sterile. Instead, scatter chairs around the room in informal groupings with small tables in between. And while you’re at it, remove any partitions between desks that aren’t absolutely necessary. Studies have shown that blocking everyone up into cubicles doesn’t enhance improvement. An open work area with desks that have a clear view of each other actually encourages performance. 5. Use bolder colors. Old school decorating rules for offices would tell you to stay neutral and stick with soothing, calming colors; in other words bland. But if you want a unique office environment that people will remember and feel good about, you should stand out and the quickest way to achieve that is with color bold, intense color! Choose bright, saturated colors for your walls, or paint only two walls and paint the other two in a more muted version. The message? Your company is bold, innovative and energetic! 6. Show your animal side. Animal prints can work in an office! Yes, small doses of these wonderful prints can give you a truly unique office dcor as long as it’s not overpowering. Try office chairs upholstered in matching animal prints. In a sleek chrome and black office, zebra print task chairs will look wonderful. If you’ve decorated in rich shades of honey and warm woods, tiger striped chairs will add the final touch to your office furniture. Just remember to stick with one print and use it for only one thing don’t go overboard with too much of a great thing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: