Show Luo concert tour 2016 grand opening of the opening ceremony of the Zhengzhou Railway

Show Luo 2016 concert tour Zhengzhou Railway Station opening ceremony of grand opening ceremony billing Asian dance king Show Luo 2016 "CRAZY WORLD" World Tour Concert in Zhengzhou for the first time! In October 13th, the concert in the opening ceremony of the conference hall Yasuhiro Vincent International Hotel Grand curtain, detonated fans carnival. Less than two in the afternoon, fans arrived at the scene early, anxiously waiting for the start of the event. According to organizers, the opening ceremony in order to satisfy the wish of the majority of fans, interactive forms in the opening ceremony of the same abandon, fans of the classic repertoire of Show Luo interpretation of special form to express the fans love for pigs. The opening ceremony of the scene, Henan Huayu Baina International Culture Media Co. Ltd. executive general manager Mr. Luo Shengjia delivered a speech, in concert one month countdown to the occasion, expressed his expectation and confidence of the project. He said: "Henan China Entertainment Baina International Culture Media Co. Ltd as the concert organizers, we have absolute confidence to turn in a satisfactory answer. In the cultural industry, the performance of the concert and cultural performances are the strongest, and the market is very strong. At present, the country is actively implementing the strategy of cultural power. The quality of the singer to bring the influence is far more than an unforgettable audio-visual experience, but also led by the artists together to build up the possibility of infinite energy and magnetic field". The scene in the opening ceremony, the organizers on behalf of Mr. Zhang Yong, chairman of the Henan China International Culture Media Co., Ltd. Henan Baina CETV Baina international culture media limited executive director, Ms. Lu Ping Henan Huayu Baina International Culture Media Co. Ltd., Ms. Wang Nan Yasuhiro Vincent International Hotel Marketing Director Mr. Sun Hongbo, Mr. Jiang Peng took office on behalf of the barley ticket jointly inaugurated Show Luo, 2016 "CRAZY WORLD" World Tour officially completed the opening ceremony of the Zhengzhou Railway Station! A wave of sweepstakes, the opening ceremony of the scene. Organizers generously come up with the value of 1680 yuan, 1280, 880, 680 and other different price tickets, as well as the sponsor of the beautiful gifts presented by the arrival of the guests, as a token of gratitude. It is understood that the Show Luo 2016 "CRAZY WORLD" World Tour Zhengzhou Railway Station is scheduled for November 13th, held in Zhengzhou International Exhibition Center, this is Show Luo’s concert in Zhengzhou for the first time, as against the growth of the idol, the arrival of Show Luo, much media attention. Invites you to enjoy live pig topped the "forest dance" trick, experience from abroad 5 "KUKA robot arm" brings a cool charm. Plus 360 degrees full range of panoramic images without dead angle. He used his unique charm, the positive energy to the 2016crazy world world tour Zhengzhou Railway Station, Leo Show Luo would have been like he said as to accomplish each goal: "Show Luo will challenge Show Luo, he always gave his fans a surprise!"相关的主题文章: