Shijiazhuang 11 night tour pal Xingtai mountains temperatures near 0 degrees many nearly killed 3u8547

Shijiazhuang 11 night tour pal Xingtai mountains temperatures near 0 degrees many nearly died in November 5th, 11 tourists were stranded in Xingtai county old green area to play in the mountains at night lost close to zero, the tourists are in danger. Police organizations nearby villagers emergency rescue, 6 hours later to find tourists. 11 Shijiazhuang tourists lost old castle peak is not from the tourists from Shijiazhuang, organized by a travel agency to play Xing 11. "We fell behind, not paying attention to time." One of the tourists, the mountains in dark days early, see some dark days, rush all the way down the mountain, lost, farther and farther, into the mountains. Weak signal in the mountains, trapped tourists in the mountains to move around to find the signal, around 5 o’clock in the afternoon finally called the alarm call 110. "We don’t get lost in the old green area, please help us." After a tourist alarm, the phone again lost signal. When found, it is already 11 points in the middle of the night mountain slippery rough rough, dark night, visibility is very low. In order to save energy, they go to a nearby shelter when stopped. At this time, one of the tourists have mobile phone signal, hurriedly call 110, police told them in a nearby pen. With this clue, Xingtai police station in Songjiazhuang and the nearby villagers to find them, then it has arrived at 11 o’clock in the evening. It was very cold at night, and it was estimated to be near zero." A trapped tourist recalled that when we stopped in a flat ground, can only snuggle up to each other to keep warm, with water and food is gone, very afraid. The night inside the mountain to a low temperature of three or four degrees, a police said, the night inside the mountain temperature is lower than the plain to three or four degrees. Especially when the wind blows, the temperature is lower. "This period of time has been frozen, and then another ten days and a half months, when the wind and snow, to minus ten degrees." The police said, in the mountains must be in accordance with the provisions of the route, time to play, not to obey the command, not familiar with the topography of the downstream wild.相关的主题文章: