Shenzhen bus fire case the suspect is the death of the woman to commit suicide because of emotional zghd

Shenzhen bus fire case: the suspect is the death of the woman because of emotional entanglements and suicide, Nanfang Daily News (reporter     Su Ziwei; Li Ronghua) 15, 7 05, Shenzhen New District of Longhua City, Dalang street, a bus caught fire, causing a female passenger died, damaged vehicle drivers and other 6 passengers evacuated quickly and safely. Police, fire and Longhua Public Security Bureau police immediately rushed to the scene disposal. Shenzhen Longhua public security 15 am news release, 7:22, the fire was extinguished. After investigation, the car 612 bus, found a woman corpse in the back of the car aisle. The bus driver has been brought back to the police to assist in the investigation, the relevant inspection and investigation is underway. On the evening of 15, Shenzhen Longhua public security situation was informed that after the incident, Longhua police immediately set up a task force investigation work. Has been initially identified the deceased Wang (female, 33 years old, unemployed) weary suicide resulting from emotional, in 15 on the morning of carrying a suitcase on the train, when the vehicle is traveling to the section of the incident, Wang suddenly opened the trunk and took out is installed in gasoline and ignited. The driver quickly opened the door to evacuate passengers, and passengers in a car fire extinguishers, Wang again spilled gasoline, resulting in the spread of fire, the driver and passengers were forced to evacuate Wang less than rescue, died on the spot. As of press time, the case is still under investigation.相关的主题文章: