Shanghai Environmental Protection Ordinance will be significantly strengthened penalties (video) coinwatch

"Shanghai environmental protection regulations" will be implemented to strengthen the punishment of the "Shanghai Environmental Protection Ordinance" (referred to as "Regulations") from October 1st this year, the official implementation. Reporters yesterday afternoon from the municipal government press conference was informed that the revised provisions of the provisions of the provisions of the original 60 increased to 91, and to make higher demands on law enforcement, etc.. The two chapter of the new chapter of the revised provisions of the "green development", "information disclosure and public participation" in the two chapter, the number of articles increased from the original 60 to article 91. Main features: one is to promote green development, highlight the source of prevention, from the change of production and way of life to promote the protection of the ecological environment; two is the embodiment of social governance, promote social forces to participate in environmental protection, including the government, enterprises, social organizations and the public; the three is to strictly enforce the law, implement the most stringent environmental protection system, implementation the source to prevent the process strict control, the consequences of severe punishment. The overall goal, the "Regulations" promulgated and implemented to promote the city’s environmental protection "13th Five-Year" planning to implement a comprehensive improvement of the system of ecological civilization construction, provides a legal guarantee important to strengthen environmental law enforcement work. Punishment has been strengthened for a long time, the field of environmental protection has been the low cost of illegal, law enforcement difficult problem, after the implementation of the regulations, this situation is expected to be improved. First of all, the new "Regulations" to increase the amount of fines, expanded the types of daily penalty, double punishment, for serious violations and refused to correct, can be used to stop production remediation measures. At the same time, the inclusion of the elimination category, the restricted category of industrial enterprises, as well as serious illegal sewage companies, the application of differential pricing, increase the cost of illegal business operations. Clear the law enforcement officers seized, seized the right to require power companies, refused to stop production, shut down a serious illegal business to stop power supply. In addition, clearly promote the construction of enterprise environmental credit management system, carry out environmental credit evaluation, the establishment of reward and punishment mechanism. Not only increased punishment, the new regulations to ensure that government departments as a positive and also put forward higher, more stringent requirements. For example, clear the city government at all levels should be responsible for the administrative area of environmental protection. Secondly, also clear the supervision system, the city government is to carry out the work of environmental protection departments of the governments at the corresponding levels and lower levels of government to conduct supervision and inspection, environmental protection as to the leaders of the content. Again, to further clarify the accountability, there are nine subject of accountability, if violated one, there will be accountability, causing serious consequences, the main person in charge should resign. Air quality assurance plans this year from 1 to August, Shanghai air quality has improved significantly, PM2.5 decreased by about 9.6% over the same period last year. With the advent of autumn and winter season, Shanghai air quality assurance plan to do a good job? The Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director Su Guodong said, in order to ensure that this year the autumn season Shanghai air quality, Shanghai will accelerate the completion of 2016 annual air pollution control, air pollution control tasks, key enterprises to eliminate old cars ahead of schedule; to strengthen pollution weather emergency control for heavy pollution warning start to more timely and more forceful; at the same time strengthen dust pollution management, construction sites, factories, concrete mixing station to comply with the requirements of dust control).相关的主题文章: