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"Shaking" broken into swirling thinking other eye-catching national rival second chowhound – Sohu entertainment swirling thinking "shaking broken" roadshow modelling change swirling thinking "shaking broken" other "shaking broken" roadshow roadshow site Sohu entertainment news by Nicholas Tse, Sean Lau, Liyan Tong, Gao Weiguang, Si Xuan starring action film "scared day break" on October 21st officially released. In the movie shooting scene Madden cool with a sense of command, Sean Lau Nicholas Tse, the two men of God in the policewoman division swirling thinking also let a person shine at the moment. More netizens found that in addition to Nicholas Tse, Sean Lau witty, swirling thinking also worked with Daniel Wu, Nick Cheung, Alex Fong, Wu Zhenyu, William Chan and other men of God partner, was friends known as the "national top rival micro-blog topic list. In close roadshow tour, swirling thinking partner Nicholas Tse intimate interaction with the audience. It is worth mentioning that in the "shaking" broken in the process of propaganda other outfit amazing diversity, long legs accentuates, was friends known as the "Si Xuan leg", more fans call: "love you, beauty fried.". Swirling thinking out of fashion as the wind out of other shows very height advantage in the movie actress, swirling thinking "shaking broken" conference, roadshow site are very clever use of the clothing highlights her long legs, the collocation style is also very amazing. The first station of Beijing, in the fall of 2016 swirling thinking JORYA with the same brand of black and white strapless bra collocation Kerdepol dress to attend "shaking broken" Beijing premiere. On the same day Beijing roadshow scene, she chose Edition 102016 autumn orange lining dress, full height advantage. In Chengdu and Foshan in the roadshow then she chose Ochirly pink vest and ladies dress, "Si Xuan legs accentuates. In the Hangzhou Railway Station, swirling thinking chose by Ji Cheng designed independent brand goods By Jicheng fabric, black sweater collocation with Mickey elements series full skirt, girl. The Guangzhou conference site, she wore a black floral peacebird brand ladies skirt collocation long black cardigan vest, turned the intellectual women. At the last stop in Dongguan, she chose COCOON black dress to meet with the audience, show again guards long legs. God to conceal his rival national partner chowhound essence swirling thinking is played in the film "Madam" He Yaxin, and as early as 14 years, in the swirling thinking and Nick Cheung, Daniel Wu partner starred in the film "magic" to "police in our police" role. In addition, once in partnership with Baoqiang Wang, a person’s martial arts, as well as a partner with Wu Zhenyu starred in the "assault car" have been well received by the audience, showing its outstanding acting. Since his debut, swirling thinking can be said to have cooperation and many men of God, this is to join the two winner Nicholas Tse, Sean Lau, the audience refer to envy, is the second national rival. In the roadshow process, very straightforward swirling thinking also exposes the essence of their chowhound. In private to see the food will shine, every time a city, she will find the time to find the most famous local food, full of color. "Broken" in October 21st has officially landed on the national screen.   相关的主题文章: