Seventy healthy elderly to buy their own graves frightened children-kamikaze love

Seventy healthy elderly to buy their own graves was children National Day holiday approaching, when many families to reunite, seventy healthy elderly Mr. Wang frequently chose this tomb, let children xinxunanping. And another eight days old critically ill elderly aunt Zhao will go home from the hospital, causing several contradictions between children. Psychological expert Zhou Yongmei said: "our country has entered the aging society, more and more people are facing pension problems.". As a child, we should face up to the problem of providing for the aged and respect the wishes of the elderly." Case 1: Seventy healthy old people to buy the cemetery was children 73 years old this year Mr. Wang healthy, cheerful. Mr. Wang likes sports, exercises in the morning and walks in the evening". Mr. Wang has 4 sons and 1 daughters, the children are filial piety. He lost his wife in his early years and did not remarry. The children feel that father’s life is not easy, and take good care of Mr. wang. 2 months ago, Mr. Wang began to visit the cemetery in Shenyang, detailed understanding of the characteristics of each cemetery and cemetery prices. Last week, Mr. Wang suddenly found a few women around, seriously said: "I looked at a cemetery, and chose the cemetery, the price is also good.". Buy the graveyard money, I’ll do it myself. When I die, I decide to bury me in this cemetery and buy the cemetery at this price." Before Mr. Wang finished speaking, the eldest daughter began to cry: "Daddy, what are you going to do? You live very well. How do you begin to arrange the funeral? Are you dissatisfied with our children?"" Mr. Wang smiled a little. "No dissatisfaction. I just think you’re all busy. I should think about myself."." Mr. Wang bought a cemetery for himself, letting several children panic…… Case 2: eight days of illness, the elderly want to go home, children quarrel eight days, seriously ill elderly Zhao aunt in the hospital for more than half a year, the condition is not improved, and more and more heavy, a week ago, Zhao aunt became difficult to speak. Two days ago, Zhao aunt suddenly the woman said: "go home." Several children were surprised by the mother’s request, and the eldest and the third showed respect for their mother’s choice. The second child does not agree: "in the hospital there is something unexpected, treatment will be very timely, once home, once the condition is aggravating, at any time there is life risk."." On the issue of going home or staying in hospital, the 3 children quarrel with each other in front of their mothers. They ignored their mother’s feelings. After the argument, her mother refused to eat and transfusion, and she didn’t say a word. It was then that the children understood that the mother was on a hunger strike against her children. Finally, the eldest son told his mother, "what do you want to do, we all respect you."." The mother wrote two words on her eldest son’s hand with her finger: "go home."." Finally, the 3 children respected the old man’s advice and went home. Experts: children should face the problems of caring for the elderly psychological expert Zhou Yongmei said: "as a child, the elderly pension problem must face, don’t avoid may encounter problems and contradictions, such as hospice arrangements in the hospital or at home, such as heritage issues, such as care and maintenance problems. Secondly, the children should respect the wishes and thoughts of the elderly, such as choosing the cemetery, accepting the treatment, who will accompany and whether or not"

七旬健康老人要给自己买墓地吓坏子女国庆节长假将至,当很多家庭准备团聚的时候,七旬健康老人王先生频繁为自己选墓,这让几个子女心绪难平。而另一位八旬病重老人赵大娘却要从医院回家,引发了几个子女之间的矛盾。 心理专家周永梅说:“我国已经进入了老龄化社会,越来越多的人要面临养老问题。作为子女要正视养老问题,更需要尊重老人的意愿。” 案例1: 七旬健康老人 要买墓地吓坏子女 今年73岁的王先生身体健康,性格开朗。王先生爱好运动,早上锻炼晚上“走圈”。王先生有4个儿子1个女儿,子女们都很孝顺。他早年丧妻,没有再婚。子女们觉得父亲一生不容易,把王先生照顾得很好。 2个月前,王先生开始到沈阳的墓园去参观,细致地了解每家墓园的特色和墓地价格。上周,王先生突然把几个女子找到身边,严肃地说:“我看好了一个墓园,并且选好了墓地,价格也谈好了。买墓地的钱,我自己出。我的事情我做主,等我死后就把我安葬在这个墓园里,就买这个价位的墓地。” 还没等王先生把话说完,大女儿就开始大哭:“爸爸你这是要干啥呀,你活得好好的咋开始安排后事了,你这是对我们子女不满意啊?”王先生微微一笑:“没有不满意,我就是觉得你们都挺忙的,我自己的事应该自己想周全了。” 王先生为自己买墓地的事儿,让几个子女惊慌失措…… 案例2: 八旬病重老人想回家 子女们吵不停 八旬病重老人赵大娘在医院治疗半年多了,病情没有好转,而且越来越重,一周前赵大娘说话变得困难了。 两天前,赵大娘突然对几个女子说:“回家养病。” 几个子女对母亲的这个要求很惊讶,老大和老三表示尊重母亲的选择。老二却不同意:“在医院里有什么意外,治疗会很及时,回家一旦病情加重,随时有生命危险。” 在回家还是留院继续治疗的问题上,3个子女当着母亲的面争吵起来。他们忽视了母亲的感受,争吵结束后,母亲拒绝吃饭和输液,气得一句话也不说。这时子女们才明白,母亲是用绝食在抗议子女的举动。 最后大儿子告诉母亲,“您想怎么做,我们都尊重你。”母亲用手指在大儿子的手心上写了两个字:“回家。”最后,3个孩子尊重了老人的意见,回家了。 专家: 子女要正视老人养老问题 心理专家周永梅说:“作为子女,首先要正视老人的养老问题,不要回避可能会遇到的问题和矛盾,如临终安排在医院还是家里,如遗产问题,如照顾和赡养问题。其次,子女们要尊重老人的愿望和想法,如自己选墓地,接受何种治疗,有谁来陪伴以及是否要雇人。最后,子女们要多沟通多协商,每个子女都要承担赡养义务,不要在老人面前产生冲突,让老人最后的时光过得和谐安详。” 周永梅说:“在人生的各个阶段,我们都需要学习。无论是做父母的还是做子女的,良好的心态和学习知识都必不可少。养老,是学习更是规划,不是任由岁月流逝带来的病痛和无奈。”相关的主题文章: