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Serie A I Karl Di header inter Palermo 1-1 two victorious – Sohu sports in Beijing time on August 29th at 0 o’clock in the morning, the second round of the 201617 season of Serie A focus of a battle fierce competition at the Meazza stadium, Milan international V" > gaoqingtu: younger brother head handsome gesture difficult to take De Boer three frown Beijing time on August 29th at 0 o’clock in the morning. The 201617 season of serie a second round of the focus of a battle fierce competition at the Meazza stadium, Milan international VS Palermo. In the first half, the international Milan repeatedly missed the opportunity to break. The second half, Rees helped lead the visitors from Polly, subsequently, Candreva assists to break icardi. Finally, the Milan international home court 1-1 draw with Palermo. The history of the two teams have had 56 records, inter made 29 wins, 21 draws and 6 negative results, occupy an absolute advantage. But in 28 games against Palermo in the inter play home court, the Nerazzurri is achieved 20 wins and 8 record, also did not defeat fruit. Players, Ansaldi, Andreoli and Milan Hatomo Yuto because of the wound hanging mianzhanpai, Perisic was suspended for the game and Murillo returned to the lineup, Thornton at left back. Morganella of Palermo and RAJKOVIC was suspended for Trajkovski and Lazar are injured, missed the game. It is worth mentioning that the Milan international field enabled new 4-3-3 formation, but the new owner Zhang Jindong came to the scene to watch the game. After the start of the game, the international Milan has not been able to control the situation. Sixth minutes, Palermo before the market opportunity to locate the ball, the ball was to open the closed area, before the Geerdanijiamen Dianshe missed the bottom line. Thirteenth minutes, Medel restricted the right foot shot wide of the door frame, then the Milan international open front position, Miranda hit the door very threatening, but replays showed he has offside. Seventeenth minutes, Erdanijia lattice behind the uprooting of I Karl Di, the referee booked. Subsequently, the game into the white hot, Palermo to take back tactics, while the international Milan also failed to create a break opportunity. Twenty-second minutes, both players came to the sidelines of drinking water, two managers also use this opportunity for the players tactical layout. Thirty-first minutes after the trip to the right ball Edel road left direct shot, the ball was a defensive player blocked. Subsequently, the Milan international left xiadichuanzhong, shooting the ball by Ander Covic Medel in the restricted area near the gate line clearance. Thirty-second minutes, Milan international get right opportunity to locate the ball, Miranda in the restricted area of high Yueqi header Leipzig ball is almost wiped fly out on the left column bottom line. Thirty-fourth minutes, Perisic left the restricted area inside the defensive player after the ball was shot, Bo Savage denied the bottom line. Thirty-sixth minutes, Ali Sami Eder defensive foul to get a yellow card, right kick out, Murillo area Qiangdian success, header wide of the right post. Forty-second minutes, Xiliemake line of area left foot volley the ball into the head, antiaircraft gun. Then, the ball to the right will save the skin well相关的主题文章: