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"Sea King" exposure to new Chinese notice "hat a gang of handsome appearance" – Sohu entertainment "nautical King golden city" "the straw hats" new style appearance "nautical King golden city" new villain "gold Emperor Entertainment Sohu swept the world’s super IP" sailing king "in the thirteenth movie" maritime King Golden City "file November 11th, for the first time in the mainland on the big screen. It is reported that the theater version of the king of the Sea King City, not only adhering to the "king of the sea," the series of warm blood elements, but also added a lot of the main line of the story never appeared in the new role. A mysterious new villain, even the general fear in the new version of "maritime theatre King golden city", a new villain flew pedestrians will have to face the challenge and is known as the "golden emperor" guild – Desoro, but he ruled by Dade Thoreau, entertainment is a piece of the outside world no intervention "absolute sanctuary". The trailer from the general Sakas Ki’s expression is not difficult to see, it seems that even the ship artillery for fear of the strength and position of the villain "gold emperor" absolutely can not be underestimated. From his ability to freely manipulate the gold, "gold emperor" should be eating the "gold fruit" devil fruit awakening ability, strength far beyond the ordinary ability of fruit, not only the body can become gold, can also control the metal deformation, and even become a great life to attack the enemy. As to the fierce offensive to suppress the Shanzhi, and easily blocked dororo Zorro slash, is forced to open the road to fly "gear 4" and the war…… The two sides in the positive in the fighting life, think of all the exciting light. A variety of new forms, "straw hats" handsome appearance in addition to a new role, "king of the golden city" sailing quite well in the characters, in the trailer, we are pleased to find that the "straw hats" will be the new model to debut, and every person has at least three design different styles of clothing. The road to fly to head, wearing a red hat navigation, modeling debut carrying a giant axe, and the distinct impression of classic hat, full of delight clothing, it is laughing; and came to the city, the Dade Thoreau entertainment hat a pedestrian, seems to be in order to hide the identity can change clothes, which lie the cloth has always been extended exaggerated funny dress, and Joe panda wearing headgear model is more adorable cute. Previously, many HEMMI highly anticipated "mysterious" other now finally appeared. Cool white suit with elegant skirt, fashion style, particularly stunning, I believe a lot of dried shrimps, is also the first time to see such a handsome "hat sailing group"! As Oda Eiichiro personally penned the third "Sea King" theater version of the film, "king of the golden city" sailing by seizing the main plot, tells the story of the "top war" after two years, "the straw hats" in the city of gold found "gold emperor" Gilder de Thoreau, trying to shake the terrible new plan the world’s most powerful forces in the territory, in the face of the enemy’s Lu Fei et al., a bet on the life of the war, the history of the most fierce duel imminent..相关的主题文章: