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Russian Tatarstan famous DJ for kidnapping and extortion Chinese citizens was sentenced to 6 years – International – according to the Russian satellite news network August 26th news, August 25th Russian Tatarstan Kazan procuratorate news, Kirov region court because of the famous DJ Dmitri’s kidnapping? Suazo China citizens, and a lot of money extortion and sentenced to imprisonment 6 years. Sergei? Nisos eloff in the criminal case on charges have also been announced. The source said: " Sa Moe Love was convicted of fraud caused a lot of loss of crime, the crime of illegal invasion of other people’s homes, kidnapping and extortion were established, and was convicted of fraud. The court sentenced Azor Andrianof to 6 years, Sa Moe Love 2 years imprisonment suspended for 2 and a half years implementation. " according to the judgment of the court, in May 2015 20 Riazuonuofu, Sa Moe Love and third associates in crime to immigration in Kazan, a residential building floor mouth person stopped a Chinese citizen, and asked him to drive to a foreign citizen detention building. Will be sent to the agency after the kidnappers, the criminals deported from Russia on the grounds that the kidnappers demanded to surrender 100 thousand rubles as seems to be illegal to stay in Russia fine. After that, the daughter of the kidnappers surrendered to the criminals specified number of cash. In the morning of June 2, 2015, Azor Andrianof offered 5000 roubles. Procuratorate explained: " Suazo Ivanov day together with his partner had followed the abductee’s car, and then catch up with the latter, again for 100 thousand rubles. After being rejected, Suazo Lyapunov his hand down abductees, and will continue to be the kidnapper detained in the car until the police rushed to their rescue. " Suazo Ivanov admitted that part of the crime, Sa Moe Love pleaded not guilty. The kidnappers have been fully compensated for their losses. The third cohorts will be a survey. Global network reporter Juppe reported [] (commissioning editor: Qin Boya, Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: