Russian general staff Syria 12 days from the implementation of a new round of ceasefire

Russian general staff: 12 days throughout Syria, the implementation of the new round of ceasefire – Beijing, China News Agency, Moscow, September 12 Xinhua (reporter Wang Xiujun) local time 12 days, the Russian Armed Forces General Staff said in a statement, from Moscow time 12 days 19 when, Syria province began to implement a new round of ceasefire. Rutskoi, chief executive of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff, said in Moscow, in order to monitor the ceasefire, Russia has completed all necessary preparatory work. He said that Russian observers will observe all possible violations of the ceasefire situation, to the Russian Embassy in Syria all parties to the conflict ceasefire coordination center to convey information; not only Russia will strengthen coordination with the government of Syria army and the local government, will also strengthen communication and coordination with the United states. Rutskoi said that at present, Russia fully monitor the situation in the region after the ceasefire in Syria". For some areas, Russia will use unmanned aerial vehicles and other means to obtain objective material. Rutskoi stressed that despite the implementation of the ceasefire, but the fight against the Islamic state of Syria and other terrorist organizations will continue. 10, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Kerrey and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov in Geneva on the implementation of a new ceasefire agreement between the parties to the conflict in Syria agreed. According to the agreement, from 12 onwards, the Syria government forces will stop the bombing of the armed opposition, the opposition armed forces in the fight against the government and the target must be kept within the Syrian terrorist organizations to maintain the distance". The two sides believe that a new round of ceasefire will facilitate humanitarian relief supplies arrived in the town of Syria and had long been trapped for the parties to the conflict to create conditions to resume talks. Both sides said that if the new ceasefire agreement can be maintained for 7 days, then the two sides will strengthen military cooperation in Syria, including the formulation of the strategy to fight against terrorist forces in syria. According to Russian satellite news agency, 12, Russian ambassador to Syria parties to the conflict ceasefire coordination center director Savchenko said on a conference call, the Syrian government has agreed to the unconditional implementation of the two sides reached a ceasefire agreement. The Syria opposition Democratic Alliance of Syria spokesman Serao also said that the alliance will comply with the ceasefire agreement reached between Russia and the United States of Syria. At the end of February this year, Syria factions had according to the agreement Russia implemented a ceasefire. After the ceasefire, the Syrian territory has been improved. But because the February cease-fire ultimately not in the Syrian President, a terrorist organization or the definition of a number of key issues on the agreement, resulting in the gradual destruction of the ceasefire regime. (end)相关的主题文章: