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Careers-Employment The worlds largest professional services firm PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), has chose Rob Ward as its worldwide audit leader in 2005. PwC is an international organization that offers audit, accounting, taxation and advisory services to the top business houses in the whole world. Rob Ward, PwC has been working in PwC for more than 36 years and in July, 2005 he was declared as a worldwide audit leader of PwC. He has helped the various companies in making important business decisions. Rob Ward has worked with and coached both national and international clients regarding various aspects of business. He suggests the prominent ideas for making their business more profitable to business professionals and supervisors. Rob Ward, PwC has also worked as a chairman of Australian Public Policy Commission which is a leadership group comprising of the six major accounting firms and three Australian accounting bodies. Rob Ward has re-established the internal policies and processes of this policy commission. The main aim of Australian Public Policy Commission is to improve the quality of auditing and accounting in the market. Rob Ward, PwC has helped various policy makers nationally and globally in upgrading the policy formations. The various plans organized by Rob Ward are convenient to make auditing simple and to build the interest of public in auditing. Rob Ward has also helped the Board and Non Executive Directors (NEDs) in financial management by giving his expert views and valuable advices. Rob Ward, PwC has an experience of more than three decades of working in accounting and auditing industry. Rob Ward led PwC audit practice comprising of more than 78000 people in over 148 countries. In Rob Wards views, the failure of Enron and World com had a turning point in confidence of professionals who are working in the field of auditing. He has worked with global regulators to raise the quality of auditing in the market. To know more about Rob Ward, his experience, achievements and his expert views, go through the website .pwc.. . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: