Rental often heard shouting alarm residents uncovered prostitution of women for men and women

Rental often heard shouting alarm residents uncovered prostitutes and the original title: men and women quarrel uncovered prostitution female neighbors alarm Beijing morning news (reporter Zhang Jingya) the news public Mr. Chen to the newspaper, the Fengtai District district has a seven carat rental, often have a strange man out, residents often hear a man and a woman cries inside. One day, the house came to quarrel, Mr. Chen felt suspicious then the police for help. Subsequently, the house was taken back to the police station two. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the police, the original women engaged in prostitution in the rental, the man is waiting, two people due to a conflict of piaozi problem. Currently, the police are still further processing. "This room is rental, inside a woman living alone, she began to live here, there have been a strange man in and out." Chen said, not only that, after the strange man came into the house, the house will be heard shouting men and women. "The house is silent, we can always hear some embarrassing voices in the house." He said that the day before yesterday, the woman and a man in the house had a quarrel, to hear two people have moved hand. "The house came to bawl and beat the sound, the woman cried and shouted, I think it is wrong." Mr. Chen said, afraid of problems, the police quickly. After the police arrived, the house of a pair of men and women back to the police station." Yesterday afternoon, the Beijing morning news reporter went to the seven carat District, in the floor of the incident, a neighbor said the woman was arrested in the rental time is not long. She lives alone, usually do not go out, eat is called takeout. Every day there are seven or eight different men in and out of her house." A neighbor told reporters that the rent here is 200 yuan a day. Rental of the woman’s age is not small, short hair, special love makeup, every time are scantily clad. The police took two men away, and she never came back. Beijing morning news reporter learned from the Fengtai police, the room woman is a prostitute, men’s clients, two people because piaozi dispute and quarrel neighbor report. Currently, two people have been detained by police. Editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: