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Purse Jun cut a kidney, to reduce the price of cabinet         decoration and the original is to buy a house, but also to buy a house decoration, not to bleed? For the decoration of the family is not well-off, without affecting the use of the premise, of course, the cheaper the better cabinet. Here is a small way to make you save money reasonably, you can come up with the cabinet designer to discuss the communication. Use standard cabinet more cost-effective         non standard cabinet is designed to accommodate the size of the kitchen. When calculating the price, there are several non-standard size, it is necessary to multiply the number of non – standard coefficient, the price went up.         if you do not affect the use and the overall effect, can all use standard cabinet cabinet. Also pay attention to what is in order to earn your money and "special" design of the non-standard cabinet. Minimize drawer cabinet         drawer is really very convenient to use. The classification of small things on the inside, as soon as you open the drawer can be clearly seen in what position, you get.         but the general price than ordinary cabinet drawer cabinet high number. If the house debris is not too much, can only do a set of drawers, the other with the ordinary cabinet. Special door panels to use less     special door panels, including shutter doors, glass doors, metal doors, etc., many of them are to be re processed on the original ordinary door panels, so to add money on the basis of the original door.     the installation of special door panels are mostly in order to adjust the monotony of the kitchen, or to increase the sense of transparency, mainly for aesthetic considerations. So it can be used as little as possible. Don’t upset the cabinet panel           cabinet plate is generally 16mm thick, thick cabinet plate 18mm. It should be said that the thickening of the plate in the special tide, especially hot kitchen is more applicable.           if the kitchen ventilation conditions are good, cabinet plate can not thickened, as long as the choice of general cabinet plate quality guaranteed can, can save a budget. Corner cabinet with shelves     corner cabinet design for the rational use of space, so the designer may use a "little monsters you suggest". The space is used, but the budget is high.     save the budget is in the corner cabinet with shelves, but the door to a special design, such as linkage, can put in the inside of the items or get some. The seasoning available Pendant     seasoning basket in the cabinet design, can make the kitchen look less messy. But the quality is too high, the price of about 200-400 yuan, and then some high-grade, the price even higher.  .相关的主题文章: