Prison inmates to go for medical treatment during hospitalization during the escape 4 guards guardin

Prison inmates to go for medical treatment during hospitalization during the escape 4 guards watch – Beijing September 24th morning, Hubei Caidian prison inmates in Hanyang hospital from Jun. That Prison Management Bureau of Hubei Province, Hanyang hospital referral Lei Jun from kidney disease, surgery, rehabilitation during the escape. Caidian prison, said the suspects have not yet been arrested, police, armed police have joined the arrest. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned, Lei Jun 22 in Hanyang hospital for surgery, there were 4 guards on the watch. A prison escape camera not photographed on September 24th at 1:30 in the morning, Hubei Province, Caidian prison inmates escape from Lei Jun Hanyang hospital. Lei Jun, aged 45, native of Hubei Chibi, height 181cm, weight 75 kg, medium size, the upper body gray – escape prison in prison dispensed clothing, back in a vertical striped prison uniform, wearing four horns vertical striped underwear. BYD reporter learned that, in September 19th 22, Lei Jun transferred to Hanyang hospital, the kidney surgery. 24, just third days after surgery, postoperative rehabilitation is still in the stage of the escape from the hospital lei. Hanyang hospital staff, Lei Jun is in the hospital department of Urology floor four escape. Although the hospital has more than one camera, but after the police inquiry Lei figure were not found outside the hospital monitoring. 25 afternoon, the Hubei provincial prison administration announced that it has launched emergency plans, public security, armed police, prisons and other departments are catching. Hubei provincial prison administration appealed to the public to provide clues to the public security organs, prisons, to help arrest fugitives; to provide valuable clues or direct capture of the fugitives, will be rewarded. Five times won the praise just allowed commutation according to local authorities in 2007 and 2009 respectively, Lei Jun for theft and crime of contract fraud is pursuit. BYD reporter saw at Chinese judgment documents online, Lei Jun in August 23, 2010 due to contract fraud was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment and fined 50 thousand yuan. In May 30, 2016, Hubei Province, Caidian prison of Lei Jun commuted the application to the Wuhan intermediate people’s court. Wuhan City Intermediate People’s court in the book, "Hubei province Caidian prison, criminals can Lei in prison, pleaded guilty to comply with prison regulations, education reform, and actively participate in political learning, and actively participate in the work, to complete the production task. Proposed commutation of the people’s court." The court found that the criminals in prison, Lei Jun, can accept education and reform, true repentance, and won the five quarter two quarter for praise. The court held that the criminal Lei in prison, pleaded guilty to repentance, commutation, according to law, the punishment of imprisonment Lei minus eleven months since July 1, 2016. Term from March 26, 2010 until the end of April 25, 2020. I have 3 years and no more than 7 months. Beijing Kangda law firm Xiao Han lawyer said, according to the "criminal law" provisions, imprisoned criminals, defendants, good相关的主题文章: