Pay attention to the details of the cabinet ten years, such as the new 6 is not a dream govos

Pay attention to 6 details such as cabinet for ten years is not a dream?? 1, not high temperature object directly or put on the long table maintenance directly from the stove or oven, microwave oven off hot pot, hot pot or other high temperature appliance will bring harm to the table. Use a pot holder with rubber feet or a heat shield on the table. ?? 2, when cutting mat should be chopping board, otherwise it will leave unsightly scratches and blunt edge. If you leave the knife, can according to the track depth, using 240 ~ 400 sandpaper to wipe the surface, then 100 clean cloth again. ?? 3, the table surface maintenance keep dry, avoid long-term water immersion, prevent surface plastic deformation. Artificial stone countertops to prevent water bleaching agent and scale make mesa pale, affect the appearance. ?? 4, prevent the intense chemical contact surface, such as paint agent, metal cleaning agent, cleaning agent, Ya Jiaji stove chloride, acetone (to nail oil), acid cleaning agent. If you are in contact with the above items, rinse the surface immediately with plenty of soap and water. If stained with nail polish, please do not use acetone cleaning agent (such as: water, alcohol), and then washed with water. 5, do not let too heavy or sharp objects directly impact the surface; large or heavy containers can not be placed on the table in time; do not rinse with cold water immediately after boiling water. ?? 6, with soap and water or a cleaning agent containing ammonia components (such as detergent) for cleaning can scale can be furring and then use dry cloth to wipe with a wet cloth. ?? 7, for the marks, burn mark and scratch, if the surface is Matt, available 400 ~ 600 mesh sandpaper until the mark disappears, then use the detergent and cleaning cloth restitution. If the surface is a mirror, first with 800 ~ 1200 sandpaper polished, and then use the polishing wax and wool polishing ring with 1500 ~ 2000rpm low speed polishing machine, use a clean cotton cleaning table. Small white marks with edible oil and dry cloth to wipe the surface wetting. 8, because of different reasons to have more scratches on the table, or because of a longer time (1 ~ 2 years) affect the appearance. Can ask professional and technical personnel for professional treatment.相关的主题文章: