they both had dangers and risks I was not comfortable with. Wind energy can be dangerous. The blades can easily be over stressed in high wind situations and shear off from the rotor. I was not willing to put my family at risk by putting them in the path of a projectile. You can get burned with solar. What I mean is that these home made solar panels are susceptible to catching on fire. This is the dirty little secret they won’t tell you about. It is very easy for your panel to short out

Home-Improvement Wouldn’t you like to greatly reduce, or eliminate your electrical utility bill? Sure you do. And, if you are like me, you have been looking for ways to become energy independent so you can save money. That is when I started to look at different ways I could start generating electricity at home. What […]

Womens-Issues I can well remember my tearful frustration. Here I was

Womens-Issues I can well remember my tearful frustration. Here I was, in my thirties with a young family but suffering from symptoms which, quite frankly, I felt was more indicative of someone with a much more serious, if not life-threatening condition. I can recall my doctor sitting there and telling me that fibroids were "not […]

Andy | Apr 3rd 2011 – Isabel de Los Rio’s Diet Solution Program is one of the most popular weight loss programs available today. So

The Diet Solution Program Review – Does It Work? By: Tyrell Ashley | Dec 2nd 2012 – A single of the up and coming perfect diets for females more than 40, is called the Eating plan Solution System. This top diet for women was constructed for the purpose of helping women and males with weight […]

everyone is excited to throw a remarkable holiday event. However

Holidays 1) Every year there is the same problem: what to get to my wife for Christmas? We are pretty sure she will appreciate your effort of getting something representing high-value (not necessarily high-price) and high-quality. That is why it is highly recommended you check out the Murano glass art we carry. 2) If you […]