Oral to those who do not love you at all, pay more than to be hurt sichen

Oral: people who do not love you at the same time, pay more than the injury to see the moment of Ouyang Huai, I immediately breathe. He is like the Greek myth of the prince, slightly wavy hair, straight nose and sexy lips. He is in the office every day, just like a general summon wind and call for rain. When he opened the door and looked at me with blue eyes, I almost choked. When I got home, I announced to my brother that I was going to pursue my new boss, Ouyang. My brother listened to persuade me to be sensible, first to the other side as a friend contact contact. Because it is not suitable to contact only know. I listen to the elder brother’s advice, still secretly to woo Ouyang huai. I returned to my brother to see my camera with a cell phone photo of Ouyang Huai, his brother looked and said, as long as you feel happy. Every morning, I quietly in Ouyang Huai’s table on a variety of cookies, afternoon, and the same pattern will never repeat the soup, in fact all of these is the brother for me. But I love Ouyang Huai, so wanted to give him all. Ouyang Huai noticed me. That afternoon, he hugged me in the thick curtain of the office. He asked me to go out for dinner. I’m very happy. Over the years, I did not go home for the first time to accompany his brother to eat, and Ouyang Huai together. Ouyang Huai not only invited me to eat a meal, also took me to the hotel room. In fact, I do not like this, after all, the first day of our official contact, but to see Ouyang Huai like, I will work with him. When he saw me under the flower red flowers, no excitement, just frowned. I shyly told my brother and I love the progress of Ouyang Huai, brother tears, said, do not wronged themselves. But I’m happy, I’m happy to be with Ouyang Huai. Although Ouyang is about half a month Huai me once, let me not to tell others we have, but I still very happy. I bought Ouyang an expensive bag, an expensive perfume, and a best razor, and I knitted a sweater for him. I was pregnant when the sweater was fast. I took the sweater to Ouyang Huai’s office, I am pleased to imagine he heard the good news. Who, I saw him with the company’s new beautiful girl Chen Yan on the couch. The things in my hands fall to the ground. Chen Yan went to Ouyang, Huai sweater and a single laboratory throw on my face, said contemptuously: knit you a sweater, then the soil, just like your person. You don’t want to marry me, do you? Piss myself in yourself. I went home and cut my wrist without hesitation. I can put up with the people I love ignore me, but I can’t stand the people I love. When I woke up, I saw my brother and mother in bed into tears. Mother hold me, why are you so foolish! For such a man, it’s not worth it. Mother’s words reminded me of the pain experienced wrists I also gradually understand, about Ouyang Huai and me, is that I am a person in love from the beginning. He is only with my interpretation of the "love" love drama, but I was too deep into the play, thus losing their own. And Ouyang Huai, but I used a "play"相关的主题文章: