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Cherpitski: a rich two generations caused by political turmoil in South Korea South Korea recently had a political drama but also Gouxue than those ridiculous things that the president Pu Jinhui the day before the official speech to the national recognition of a long-standing political gossip before a lot of people because the rumors too fantasy and refused to believe who can think of… This rumor actually is true… This epic big news was leaked rushed captured in pickled cabbage hot search list of the top ten domestic reports and discussion also increased gradually after all this thing from A to Z are fantasy to make it difficult to believe that it is true.. Today for everyone with the 818 most used pile in the history of politics gossip is exactly how a step by step out.. – I am the most cattle rich two generation line — the story from a Chinese pickled cabbage most cattle rich two generation to the two rich generation name is Zheng Weiluo in September 2014 to "ride students" identity was admitted to the Ewha Womans University School of South Korea but strange is pear college sports enrollment project has been "riding" this is a 2014 suddenly set and enrollment was out riding especiallyrecruits students must get the national level or above the sports games individual gold medal but the two rich generation miss Zheng Weiluo was admitted and not get any gold medal only after entering won a Inchon Asian Games equestrian competition gold medal was not collective the school sports meet enrollment conditions more The entrance is after Zheng Weiluo not only attendance is not up to complete even the homework is careless and the school had changed the rules to add a new sports special student can not extracurricular competition results can also record attendance included in the credits this series after the door on unfair + + events eventually caused the Ewha university the students in the school have unique angry protests posted on the bulletin board full note to please the president denounced the powerful elite reputation and spirit in spite of Ewha women’s university students and caused long months of protests while trying to cover up the matter but the paper still hold live fire media have started deep grilled Zheng Weiluo the background and Zheng Weiluo had finally Under the pressure of public opinion and the mother went to Germany from Ewha women President Cui Jingji also resigned over the issue became the school for the first time in 130 years on the expiration of the term of office the president’s resignation is not yet the time for the media to stop the pace of the deep grilled Zheng Weiluo’s father Zheng Runhui appeared in front of the public — I am the dividing line – the former Reds behind the security steward Zheng Runhui without any political experience under the condition of even in Pu Jinhui’s Secretary for the right job and)相关的主题文章: