North Korea to implement the fifth nuclear test rolling broadcast t6570

North Korea conducted a fifth nuclear test of North Korea rolling broadcast time in the morning of the 9 day 9, 5 earthquake occurred near the North Korean fenxi. The earthquake epicenter was located 78 km southwest of Chongjin, near Fenxi nuclear test site. According to the results of the European Mediterranean Seismological Center and the United States Geological Survey, the focal depth of 2 km and 0 km, respectively, so it can confirm the artificial earthquake. South Korean government sources said that the day of the DPRK to meet the National Day 68 anniversary, it is likely to impose nuclear test on the same day. The real-time rolling news (time Beijing time) 17:03, Kyodo News Agency reported, according to the Fifth North Korean nuclear test, 9 United Nations Security Council held an emergency meeting to coordinate in the afternoon local time. The Security Council issued a statement to consider a clear violation of the resolution on the grounds that the condemnation of the dprk. The Security Council will ask the UN member states to resolutely implement the sanctions resolution against North Korea passed on March 2nd, while considering further sanctions. 16:28 Yonhap, the South Korean military said that if North Korea used nuclear weapons against North Korea, Han Jun will command system. 16:26 Yonhap quoted South Korean Congress 9 news, South Korean defense intelligence headquarters said the same day, North Korea is about 2 to complete the fifth nuclear test 3 months before the preparatory work, there are still 2 to 3 trenches for the sixth nuclear test. 15:56, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary said that sanctions alone for the further implementation of Japan to North korea. Prior to Andouble has been on the way back to the United States, and also carried out about 10 minutes of air connection, the two countries confirmed that Japan and South Korea to deal with North Korea’s nuclear test, the issue of. 15:12 Yonhap, South Korean intelligence agency said North Korea’s nuclear non hydrogen bomb. 15:00 North Korea began to conduct a nuclear test in October 9, 2006, after a large scale, the five nuclear test in the two in the whole year of 2016, the Korean denuclearization of the efforts of the international community failed to prevent North Korea’s nuclear armed. 14:45 is visiting Laos, South Korean President Park Geun hye, 9 on the Fifth North Korean nuclear test North Korea said that the position of the international community against the voice of the nuclear expense, and are keen to develop nuclear weapons that the Kim Jeong-eun regime. South Korea’s Chong Wa Dae, said Park Geun hye at 11:30 in South Korea held an emergency meeting with the visiting staff in laos. At the meeting, Pu Jinhui made the above statement. It is reported that Pu Jinhui will attend the Korean summit talks, 4 hours ahead of time to return home. 14:25 North Korean media say the country has made key technological breakthroughs in nuclear and missile technology. The following figure is to watch the Korean media broadcast of the people of Pyongyang. 14:15 Obama said after hearing the North Korean nuclear test in the evening, said the move will lead to serious consequences. 14:03 Yonhap reported that Obama on the morning of 10 points in the president’s plane in 15 minutes with Pu Jinhui, and said the United States will protect South Korea from North Korean threat to Korea us mutual defense based on the fly "相关的主题文章: