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Net exposure Jiangsu Jianhu two boys KTV huge consumption detained by police: involving robbery cases – Beijing, Beijing, September 13 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Gu Hua) recently, the network exposed Jiangsu Jianhu two boys in the KTV see consumer users million yuan, due to inability to pay was locked in the toilet KTV. 13 reporters from the Jianhu police learned that the matter involved in robbery cases, the police have made the investigation of criminal cases. "International Lang Ting has two teenage boys, met with friends to sing in the KTV consumption of ten thousand yuan, the results users run, two people unable to pay, locked in a toilet." 12, the news was Shuabing in Jiangsu Jianhu circle of friends. Jianhu police quickly involved in the investigation of the matter. The reporter learned from the Jianhu County Public Security Bureau, the Bureau of the city police station alarm at 12 am receiving the Langham international KTV dispute, the police immediately rushed to the scene disposal. It is understood that the alarm of a certain day with the students in the county a strict net cafe, a man who claimed to be Liu Hao, the night by his invitation to KTV singing. During the period, Liu Hao said he didn’t want to fake mobile phone electric contact other friends, to the rooms waitress Ni a mobile phone after borrowing, while people are not prepared to leave KTV, and turn away 400 yuan Ni in micro channel. Because it has not contact Liu Hao, a strict contact friends to help solve, the friend agreed to settle, but requires a strict Yuanmou and two people to write a ten thousand yuan iou. KTV staff after that, so that a certain yuan and a strong contact with parents and alarm. By mutual consultation, Yuanmou, a strict two parents agreed to pay KTV consumption costs 2000 yuan, and active compensation Ni a mobile phone and transfer costs 3400 yuan. At present, Jianhu police have been the case as a criminal case, the investigation is ongoing. Police to the community to solicit clues to solve the case, inviting the public to solve the case. (end)相关的主题文章: