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Testosterone is the most important and well-known androgen.This anabolic steroid hormone which promotes protein synthesis and has various androgenic and anabolic effects on men should remain in a steady,efficient supply as we mature. This is more critical for those who are involved in weight training/muscle building/bodybuilding. Let’s see how we can increase testosterone production with all natural methods: 1.Heavy weight training *Choose compound exercises involving large muscle groups and more than one joints:squats(the best for increased testosterone secretion),deadlifts,standing military presses,chest presses blah,blah,blah…. *regulate the weights so as to have taxing sets of 5-6 repetitions *try to minimize the breaks between sets *avoid overtraining because catabolic cortisol is out there lurking in the dark. Three 30′ intense sessions per week will do the job perfectly. 2. Consumption of healthy fats The best choices are: *monaunsaturated fats from:extra virgin olive oil(luckily we have a lot in Greece),raw seeds and nuts,avocados etc *omega-3 fatty acids preferably of animal origin: wild salmon,sardines,omega-3 eggs,walnut varieties,ground flax seeds etc. 3. Body composition improvement(reduction of body fat percentage) Adipose tissue contains the enzyme aromatase which has the very bad habit of converting our valuable androgens to estrogens and thus making us a little more feminine. Try to lose fat with a combination of sound nutrition,HIIT and weight training. Avoid to take aromatase inhibitors and this for a thousand reasons. 4. Zinc This valuable micromineral is-among other good things- a natural inhibitor of aromatase.You can find manly zinc in oysters,beef liver and meat ,sesame and pumpkin seeds,spinach,mushrooms etc. 5. Cruciferous vegetables:brocolli,cauliflowers,brussel sprouts,cabbages etc. Cruciferous vegetables are mostly appreciated for their renowned phytochemical- with anticancer- properties sulforapfane.Sulforaphane is aided by indole-3- carbinol,another powerful phytochemical. Indole-3- carbinol can help men get rid of their excess estrogens.Additionally it prevents the conversion of androgens to estrogens. Some more factors that encourage the increase of testosterone: *adequate sleep *adequate dietary fiber intake *a rich sexual life And some factors that can inhibit testosterone production: *smoking due to nicotine * alcohol (inhibits estrogens breakdown in the liver) *stress(cortisol will suppress testosterone production) *soya products(estrogens inducing) *xenoestrogens intake (foods with pesticides,plastic bottles and containers etc.) Chris Strogilis Body Buildo Powder "�" No. 1 Health Supplement By: beingchinmay – Body Buildo Body Gowth formula. Expanding Height Naturally and Easily! 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