Mountain gold and silver remain volatile oil shocks to multi cycle ca1810

Mountain: gold and silver to keep the shock cycle, oil shocks to We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: Mountain: gold and silver to keep the shock cycle, oil shocks to many mountain: gold and silver to keep the shock cycle, oil shocks as much investment to hunt, need a clear goal. Investment success depends on the outcome of the transaction, is the result of profit to make traders happy. And the trade is not to see any object shot, whether it is not prey, it is more like playing games, the game’s happiness from the game process and not necessarily the result. Needless to say, the transaction is not in the investment, but in the game of money, is a pure capital consumption behavior, this transaction behavior and his profit target is the opposite. The next day the overnight market went gold, shock, unemployment data makes gold soared 1272 after going down, the lowest point or 1264 points in the closing line, priced at 1268, so, today the market point of view or weak shocks, today is Friday to prevent the scan disk market, key point, low altitude. On the 1274-1260 interval. Silver old look, do not really do not see the short-term, 17.80-17.20 interval, the middle of the key support 17.50. Crude oil last night held overnight 49.50 empty, only 50 need to see whether the broken bits, as expected at 50 is not broken down to go, the lowest in the vicinity of 49.50, the current price of around 49.60, based on 49 is not broken, oil shocks tend too much today, but the interval is obvious, or look at the range of 50-49. The next day in the blog of the gold market forecast, mainly to shock the market, together with the unemployment data, the overall market volatility in the 1272-1264 range, low altitude sites are predicted according to the transaction profit. The gold line in the 1268 line, or in the continuation of this trend in the trend of gold. From the technical side on the breakdown points of the market today, the daily cycle, gold rose on Wednesday from the beginning, has been in the daily cycle above the Bollinger rail, if in accordance with the general market certificates, as long as you keep on top of the Bollinger rail, rail gold is certainly continue so low, and continue to rise efforts, and now, gold 1276 for high rise is a big obstacle, brin necking, it is difficult to break, so the market is concerned, there are more basic daily cycle, but the 1276 is not broken, do not see. So the daily cycle maintained at 1276-1262 shock interval, and waiting for a breakthrough second technical points. From the cycle, H4 cycle in the obvious shock, and on the last night of the high trend, can see the shock line in the H4 period, the 60 day moving average to maintain support in the K-line combination under other small period the average charge in the market today so Brin, this technology, or keep the shock intensity on 1276-1262 interval, reliable. theory相关的主题文章: