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UnCategorized Are you looking for a fun way to spend your Thanksgiving holiday? A break from work and school is nice, but there is no reason to just lounge around the house and stuff yourself with turkey. Why not take a trip out to Nevada or Arizona, and experience the area with a Grand Canyon flight? Tours are available now, but can sell out quick, so it’s best to book early. Tours Out Of Tusayan A lot of people automatically think of the West Rim when thinking about the Grand Canyon. While this is the most popular tourist destination, it’s not the only one, and flights from the South Rim can be just as exciting. You get to choose from two different helicopter tours of the South Rim. One is a 30-minute tour that takes you to the North Rim and circles back, and the other is a 50-minute tour that includes a flight to the North Rim along with a flight over to the eastern edge of the national park. The 50 minute tour only costs a little more, and it allows you to see up to 75% of the park. I highly re.mend it, because the scenery you will see is amongst the best at the canyon. Another thing you can do at the South Rim is take a Jeep tour. The Jeep tour .bined with the air tour is a fabulous way to spend the day exploring the Grand Canyon. Las Vegas Grand Canyon Flights Since Vegas is all about entertainment, you’ll find a big variety of Grand Canyon tours that originate from the area. Some of the air tours take off from Vegas and others depart from nearby Boulder City. All the tours follow the same flight path to the canyon, but the deluxe tours that depart from The Strip also give you an aerial view of Vegas. Another advantage of deluxe flights is the EcoStar helicopter. The EcoStar is nice because it has more cabin room and has unobstructed views of the sights below, plus it is a lot quieter in the cabin. It’s worth the extra cost to book a deluxe tour, and it even .es with free limousine transportation. One of the reasons the West Rim is such a popular destination is because helicopters are allowed to land there. You can take an air-only tour if you want that flies over the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon and circles back to Vegas without landing. Landing tours follow the same flight path so you see the same sights from the air, but you also get to add on some fun ground adventures too. There’s one landing tour that descends into the canyon and lands on the bottom. Once there, you can enjoy a champagne picnic and take a raft ride along the Colorado River. The second landing tour takes you to the top of the canyon, where you could avail tickets to the Skywalk. The Skywalk is a unique glass structure that is suspended over the canyon so you can stand 4000 feet above the canyon floor on a plate of glass. It’s an exhilarating experience if you are brave enough to try it. If you want the ultimate tour of the West Rim, you can .bine the landing tours so you can do it all. Airplane Tours Are Available Too You can also book an air tour by plane from both Vegas and Arizona, and the planes follow the same route as the choppers. One advantage of an airplane tour is that it’s better for larger groups since each plane can carry 19 people. They do fly at altitudes higher than helicopters, but they are much more affordable. You’ll still get a great view from the airplane window, and the seating is .fortable, so an airplane tour is a perfect option when traveling on a tight budget or with a group. Book Tours Online For Thanksgiving Adventures Air tours of the Grand Canyon are very popular and they often sell out in advance. This is not a problem however, as long as you book early. Try to book it about two weeks ahead of time, so you have the best selection of tours. Also, book your tour online so you get the low Inter. rate, and when you buy online with your credit card, you get instant confirmation of your reservation. Tour Of A Lifetime An air tour is the best way to see all the beauty and majesty of the Grand Canyon. Don’t, you can make your tour even more exciting by adding on a West Rim landing tour or a South Rim Jeep tour. Plan to make this Thanksgiving special. Buy a Grand Canyon air tour online and be sure to do it in advance. You have a variety of tour options including which rim to visit, so you can plan the perfect Thanksgiving getaway touring America’s beloved natural wonder. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: