Men dreamed of cheating wife reporters also beat frequency of domestic violence (Figure) (video) 9c8814

Men dreamed of cheating wife reporters also beat frequency of domestic violence (Figure) a pass calls suffered domestic violence Liang sister Liang sister husband Wang beat reporter Qilu news network October 8th from Changle Liang sister. According to Liang sister said, married 10 years, every two or three days suffered domestic violence, causes the husband Wang hands is all sorts of strange things, "dreaming that I ran with others, he began to beat me, I don’t know what. I tell people to learn to do business, for fear of him suspicious, just do things for women, sometimes in the evening lectures, he thought I was chatting with others, the phone grabbed and fell on the day that someone outside of me." No, half a month ago Liang sister divorced. However, Wang had become her ex husband, still don’t let her go, even the dormitory units do not let go, divorce is not home, the divorce and what is the difference? So, the elder sister to "chat" reporters for help. Changle County in the Hexi Village village, the oncoming a truck, one beam of the car is the recognized sister wang! Reporters immediately get off that had come, unexpectedly, then get off to the Pharaoh, straight outraged the reporter, reporters on hand, let reporters surprise, Wang even chase out a multi period, also want to pick up stones to hit people. Don’t chase the Lao Wang did not give up, sit on an electric car, the reporter behind Kuangzhui, all the way to catch up with journalists after it back. An interview with reporters when he returns and car truck driver Wang Wang dragged accidentaly across, open the door, grab the car keys! Throughout the process, reporters and drivers have varying degrees of injury. The police rushed to the scene, the reporter chased it with a confused, look the other way, refused to admit. Villagers witnessed the scene can not see the past, on the spot to testify: he hit you down, you run him to chase." For the first time to meet reporters like this, what is the attitude of his ex-wife Liang sister? Two children and many villagers told reporters convey as saying: "Lao Wang irascible personality, often play Liang sister outside, because of his temper, and not everyone came to discourage." On suspicion of suspected assault or intentional bodily harm, Lao Wang has been detained according to law. Suspicious man of his wife derailed reporters beat frequency of domestic violence相关的主题文章: