Medical beauty commentary the advantages and disadvantages of the 2016 large open water needle super bass

Medical beauty commentary: the advantages and disadvantages of the 2016 large open water needle (source: orthopedic expert Sun Weijun   micro-blog) today let’s talk about all swing Shuiguang needle medical beauty – Shuiguang needle uncertain: map these skin problems by a water needle is now so Shuiguang needle fix what ghost! Let’s find out "Shuiguang needle introduced" Shuiguang needle through the repair of acmetea type collagen hyaluronic acid, PRP growth factor, Botox and other medical skin nutrition formula into the dermis, the skin white, full after the injection of water embellish. Bella[micro-blog]Vita Shuiguang needle using negative pressure multi needle into the human body due to aging and loss of collagen, hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, PRP and other high-end products in the injection of autologous cells in the dermis layer of the skin, make the skin to absorb and store water 1000 times its own weight, activate cells regeneration function, to reproduce the skin withered break repair cells. In a short time to reshape the compact smooth and elastic skin. The technical principle of * 1, vacuum technology, unique 5 needle needle treatment, tailored according to customer needs and different skin condition, hyaluronic acid, collagen, collocation of botulinum toxin PRP, autologous cells and other diversified products tailored to different courses. * 2, three kinds of hyaluronic acid, while moisturizing hydrating hyaluronic acid, water can nourish the cuticle, repel dry, double hyaluronic acid, for the skin to lock more moisture, moisture. Nano hyaluronic acid, deep penetration of marine water storage capacity, to maintain each cell moisture. Shuiguang needle instrument information "Shuiguang needle price" Shuiguang needle price is relatively wide, according to the different hospital given scheme also has the price difference, a regular hospital in five thousand yuan range, also according to the different situation the price will be different, want to do can go to a regular plastic surgery hospital medical beauty consultation. "One time we maintain the needle" as the doctor understands, dry skin neglected people can maintain about 3 months or so, the maintenance effect better, maintain the longer. Generally can reach about half a year, according to individual physical, skin, habits, maintenance time will be different. "Water injection process" water injection process is generally clean face, apply facial cream, wipe anesthesia anesthetic injection, finally, to alleviate the skin calm, facial, very simple, it is said that there is no pain, a little needle scored the skin feeling, but not pain. Data figure "Shuiguang Pyonex attention after 1,". In order to achieve a good treatment effect, the doctor may need to postoperative treatment as part of the advanced repair program (such as face mask, beauty care, cleaning, etc.) please consult the medical staff follow the course details of collocation. Immediately after operation, 2. The ice compress treatment site, can alleviate the slight swelling. 3. After operation, please keep the operation area clean, do not over massage, and avoid hot and humid environment, can not be long time exposure to sunlight. .相关的主题文章: