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The former residence of Marx, there are 100 thousand Chinese here – Sohu Li Hongyu Marx photo tourism every year, the famous thinker in Chinese almost known to every family, was born in the German town of Trier in 1818 05 months 05 days. Marx was born in a family lawyer, his family was generous, he was born in the former residence has been very well preserved, now as the Marx House Museum open to the public. The former residence of Marx Marx’s former residence is located in the Rhine River town of Trier, which is the oldest city in Germany, officially built city in the BC in ancient Rome. The former residence of Marx is located in the downtown bruecken Street No. 10, is a plain, with a baroque style of the old three storey building, the house has nearly 300 years of history. Marx’s father is a lawyer, in 1818 the rental building, upstairs is a place to live, one layer is used as a law firm office. Soon after their family moved in, Marx was born. The former residence of Marx China because of the huge prestige of Mr. Marx in the hot China, visit the former residence to the ancient city of Trier Chinese every year more than 100 thousand, many tourists China even think that haven’t been to the former residence of Marx is like never been to Germany, the cult of Marx’s former residence. The former residence of the former residence of Marx distribution in the first layer, is part of the office staff, will also sell some souvenirs, a display part of Mr Marx’s portrait, books, articles and had used the desk etc.. In the former residence of the second and the third layer through a large number of pictures, text, portraits and other show Mr. Marx’s life experience. Staff on the first floor where you can receive a voice to explain the machine, there is a Chinese explanation, followed by the voice of the former residence of Marx tour is a good choice. The former residence of the environment at the time, Marx’s family was very good, his father is a famous lawyer, her mother is a professor. Marx’s former residence environment is very good, there is an open-air courtyard houses in the middle, behind the house there is a small area in the backyard. The former residence of the backyard there is a statue of Mr. Marx in the former residence of backyard bronze statue, as well as some vegetables, a shade of the small pavilion, the environment is very chic. In fact, Mr. Marx bruecken in a street 10 only live less than a year, because the house is surrounded by a brothel, the more noisy, so after half a year the family moved to Trier at 8 Simon street, Marx spent his youth here, and "Jenny" left a childhood sweetheart. In some people’s eyes, Simon street 8 is the real "former residence of Marx". Small tourism Raiders Chinese tourists to Germany have a "Marx’s plot", according to the German media, many tourists think Chinese "have not been to Trier, haven’t been to germany". In the former residence of Marx, which is not only equipped with Chinese phonetic explanation device, as well as Chinese brochures and signs, etc., in the German landscape unique. Because of this craze, now walk the streets in Trier, often have the Germans to the friendly.相关的主题文章: