Man 10 thousand yuan transfer his wife to another man for theft of this 15 thousand – China

Men’s 10 thousand yuan "transfer" wife of another man for stealing 15 thousand – Beijing, 40 year old Panan man Chen, the second half of last year due to committed a crime and the crime of theft, was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for 3 months. In prison before the end of the day before, he was back from the prison police escort, was transferred to the prosecution prosecution. It turned out that he had missed a thing did not account for alleged theft of 15 thousand yuan in Dongyang village. And the purpose of stealing money, even to "buy" a wife. According to his account, in September 2012, he met in Dongyang, a woman in Hubei, the other surname, was a husband. Two people after a while, on 2013, began in June, Chen in Dongyang Baiyun District Street rented a house, and Zengmou common life. As the third, Chen knew that if her husband found this thing, very troublesome, it has been very careful. Sure enough, cohabitation 3 months later, Zengmou husband to find the door, to take away a Zengmou, Zengmou said do not want to go, to stay in Dongyang. Zeng’s husband told Chen said, if you give me a sum of money, I will transfer the wife to you, so that you two together, I did not see." Chen also felt that this approach is good, two people discuss a while, finalized the transfer fee of $10 thousand. Chen did not save, just want to steal. One day, Chen went to the village near the side of the road to see a house door open, went into the house, stole about 15 thousand yuan in cash. After returning home, Chen will be 10 thousand yuan to Zengmou husband, the remaining $5000 he used to pay rent and other daily expenses. Until the second half of 2015, Chen was arrested for fraud, but he deliberately conceal the facts of the crime, the prison police were looking for the door again. Correspondent Zhu Yihong newspaper reporter Fu Yingjie相关的主题文章: