Malakas managing affect Zhejiang to maintain the anti taiwan flood response level III dataload

"Maleka" the impact of Zhejiang to maintain the anti taiwan flood III level response "Meranti" left, "Maleka" followed, will enter the East China Sea in 17 days. According to the Zhejiang provincial meteorological department forecast, the sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" within 17 days of our province will have a significant impact. Sheng Fangzhi pointed out that the defense "malakas" has 4 disadvantages: one is the intensity of typhoon, the typhoon is expected to gradually strengthen the strength of the strongest, to reach super typhoon level (15 to 16). The two is the uncertainty of typhoon, which is affected by the interaction between the upper air circulation and typhoon, and there is still a lot of uncertainty in Maleka’s strength and path. The three is the recent positive this year the strongest astronomical tide, storm tide meet, combination is very bad. The four is the province by the early "Meranti" serious invasion, again by "malakas" influence, may aggravate the disaster. In this regard, the provincial Party committee and provincial government attaches great importance to the current flood prevention work carried out by taiwan. At present, Sheng Fangzhi continue to maintain the anti taiwan flood III level emergency response, and on 16 at noon issued "on the sixteenth typhoon (malakas) Notice" defense work, the deployment of the defense work. Notification requirements, is currently at the Mid Autumn Festival holiday and astronomical tide period, all localities and departments should carefully analyze the "malakas" could bring rain, wind, tidal influence and harm, to the worst, the most fully prepared to make efforts to organize the typhoon defense work. To strengthen emergency duty, closely monitor the development trend of typhoon changes, strengthen the monitoring and forecasting, timely organization consultation and analysis. To implement the security measures against typhoon at sea, strengthen the safety management of water conservancy projects, strengthen the management of key areas and weak links, do a good job in emergency rescue.相关的主题文章: