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Arts-and-Entertainment Getting a Miami Vacation to Enjoy Citys Attractions The City of Miami is famous across the world for its splendid beaches and great opportunities to enjoy a special fun vacation. There are plenty of activities to enjoy on beaches like Hallandale Beach or Niki Beach, from beach baseball games to sunbathing while lazing around the beach. There are also plenty of attractions you can explore during your Miami vacations and you can choose from numerous museums and parks with activities for children. The Crandon Park Marina is a place where you and your family can try water related activities like scuba diving or snorkeling. At the Miami Seaquarium you will find wonderful attractions suitable for adults and children alike, featuring a large number of marine creatures including killer whales and dolphins. The Miami Metrozoo is home to several zoological gardens, featuring over 900 different species of animals, a definitely must see attractions for children and their parents as well. Tips for your Miami Vacation Being well prepared is the key to a successful Miami vacation and there are several tips you can follow not only for saving money, but make your trip a smooth one. The proper supplies are the thing you need to begin with, because there are some items that you definitely should bring. The swimwear and swim gear are important as well as a good stock of sunscreen, to avoid the sun burns after a long day at the beach. The weather in Florida can be sometimes unpredictable, mostly in July and August, the months with the most rains in the entire year. Therefore, a good thing is to pack some clothes for bad weather and even an umbrella. If you consider that you wont spend every day of your vacation on the beach and you will be exploring the surroundings, then you must not forget to book a car rental in advance. Enjoy Some of the Most Famous Sights from Miami A vacation in Miami is not only about sunny beaches and water sports, since it is also a place where you can visit plenty of cultural sights and enjoy numerous beautiful architectural gems. At Vizcaya Museum and Gardens you can enjoy a peaceful walk in large splendid gardens and you can see impressive buildings with a unique architecture. The Holocaust Memorial, founded in 1990 to celebrate the memory of the Holocaust victims is a top attraction spot for history enthusiasts. The visitors will discover here a Holocaust timeline, which is made from a massive granite rock and an impressive bronze sculpture named the Sculpture of Love and Anguish. Another museum you can visit during your Miami vacation is the Historical Museum of Southern Florida, featuring a large collection of artifacts, literary works and photos presenting the history of the state of Florida. This is the perfect place to learn more about Miami and get some souvenirs for your family and friends. Romantic Miami Vacations There is no better destination other than Miami for newlyweds to spend their honeymoon on a romantic vacation. Beautiful sandy beaches, sunbathing, swimming, marine life, sports and .plete relaxation- what better place is there to spend your honeymoon?There are numerous adult bars and eateries on the beach and when ac.panied with music, the atmosphere is vibrant and truly enjoyable. The hotels in Miami offer tailored candlelit dinners and honeymoon packages to newlyweds and other couples anytime of the year. Those who wish to renew wedding vows or look forward for a second honeymoon, can book a vacation in the exotic beaches of Miami and the hotels there provide state- of- the art facilities. If you are looking forward to spend exciting days and nights, Miami is the best place to be, away from the chaos and humdrum of metro life and leading a life of color and vibrancy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: