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Coaching A high school teacher may have been assigned to teach you the essential life skills as defined by the institutional education system. The resulting instruction may have covered how to apply for a job, how to go grocery shopping, or how to create a household budget. However, there is more to life than this. Life coaching can teach you the life skills that you need to live your purpose. George Helou is a life coach who can help you develop life skills such as living by empowering principles. After years of exploring personal development himself and then applying what he learned, George has compiled 52 Empowerment Principles. Examples of empowerment principles include: the empowerment principle of focus, the empowerment principle of giving and the empowerment principle of resilience. Through life coaching sessions, George can help you learn not only what all these empowerment principles are, but also how to apply these empowerment principles to get the most out of life. Another important life skill George can help you develop is learning to communicate with empathy. The art of listening and talking with others with respect and kindness will enrich your relationships. This will help you get the most out of the time you spend with your friends and family because you will be attentive and focused. Other life skills covered during Georges life coaching sessions include: managing your emotions solving problems creatively not fearing failure seeking to understand before being understood and before making decisions, and Increasing your perspective. If these skills are so fundamental to improving your life, you may be wondering why you were not taught life skills at school. Many government administrators, teachers and parents were not taught these life skills themselves and they may not have the eyes to recognize these kinds of life skills as a priority. They may not understand how these kinds of life skills can help you solve problems. The institutional mindset is to make excuses and assign blame when its paradigm of instruction fails rather than reassess what is taught in schools and how the material is taught to children. Unfortunately, the more meaningful life skills are elusive to mainstream thinking. Life coaching sessions can help you increase the life skills that you are unlikely to learn during your formal schooling. Life coaching and life coach courses are most effective when they include guidance and support for increasing your life skills. Hence a structured life coach program can also be seen as a life skills coach course. George Helous life coaching includes not only personal coaching, but also focuses on helping you increase your life skills. As a result, you can apply the life skills that your are developing not only to the current challenges you face, but also to improve the quality of experiences in all aspects of your life and prepare you for future challenges long after your life coaching sessions have ended. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: