Li Zhuohui China and ASEAN join hands in the era of ocean

Li Zhuohui: China and ASEAN join hands towards the era of ocean development – China News Agency, Jakarta, September 18 (reporter Gu Shihong) – in the Asia Pacific Century in the 21st century, but also the century of marine innovation and development. Chinese walking to the center of the world, and the ASEAN countries to work together towards ocean development era pull together in times of trouble." Indonesia ASEAN Nanyang foundation President Li Zhuohui 18, in an interview with News Agency reporters says. Li Zhuohui said, China government initiated the "The Belt and Road" cooperation and win-win development pattern, it is the right direction of innovation cooperation China sharing with ASEAN, Asia Pacific, Africa and Europe and the United States to build, will bring tangible benefits to the people of all countries. Maritime cooperation is becoming China ASEAN comprehensive cooperation, Indonesia is the world’s largest ocean islands and countries, Chinese also has a vast ocean, Chinese ASEAN cooperation together toward the ocean, the full development of blue economy and related industries, the specific implementation of the twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road "series of major projects, major projects will be this century the most massive and majestic, will have a positive impact on economic development in Asia and Southeast Asia and sustained growth. Li Zhuohui pointed out that Chinese leaders and Indonesia zuoke President G20 held in Hangzhou on the eve of the summit, the two sides reaffirmed that the "maritime Silk Road" with Indonesia launched the "global ocean fulcrum" actively docking, deepen cooperation in various fields of trade, investment, finance, infrastructure construction, marine industry cooperation, strengthen bilateral comprehensive the strategic partnership, to make a positive contribution to regional security and world peace. The implementation of the docking of the maritime Silk Road and the fulcrum of the global ocean is a magnificent blueprint for the development of the two countries in Indonesia, we can build a number of flagship project. First, the development of maritime development potential. Indonesia marine coordinating Minister Lu Huth days ago in Shanghai to invite Chinese enterprises to participate in the investment area, stressed that Indonesia has abundant marine resources to be developed, including offshore oil and gas production, processing industry, processing industry, large-scale construction of seaweed port and shipbuilding industry, Unlimited Business Opportunities, the Indonesian government to give preferential and good investment environment. Two is the construction of the sea interconnection high-speed channel". Because the sea is backward, Indonesia domestic logistics costs accounted for 24% of GDP, in order to solve this serious bottleneck, President Djoko decided to build and transform the 24 modernization big harbor, at the same time, will also build or transform 41 medium-sized seaport and 47 passenger and non commercial logistics terminals, to be completed in 2019 100 wharf construction, and vigorously the development of the shipbuilding industry, including the large cargo ships through the harbour, in order to reduce the cost, reduce the price. Indonesian government welcomes Chinese investment in marine infrastructure and shipbuilding industry. Three is the development of the marine industry, and China jointly build a blue economy. Indonesia’s former Marine Fisheries Minister Luo Demin book pointed out that Indonesia is abundant in marine resources, more than and 10 marine industry development, learning advanced technology to China, every year can get $1 trillion and 200 billion of economic output, can provide 40 million jobs. The four is the education and training of maritime human resources. Towards the sea and building a blue economy, the need for a new era of science and technology professionals, secondary vocational education and Ocean University相关的主题文章: