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Home-and-Family Do you know what’s the cheapest way to have solar energy panels on your roof if you are not wiling to spend too much money? Make these solar panels yourself. Each panel will cost you less than $200 if you make them correctly. Other than saving money on your solar power generator hardware, you can also save thousands every year on electricity bills. The sooner you start learning how, the faster you can grab these savings for yourself. I’m pretty sure you’d rather use the money on a good vacation than pay your energy bills, isn’t it? There are many more benefits than these. When you use solar energy, less fossil fuel is burnt. As a result less greenhouse gases and toxic elements are being released. At present, global warming is a serious issue that affects the world at large. A government or an individual do not have the power to solve this problem. All of us have to chip in our efforts. Using solar energy can be a good way all of us can achieve that end. If you love the benefits of using solar power and want to build them yourself, here are the basic steps to do it: 1. Get enough solar cells so you can join them together in an array to produce sufficient voltage per PV panel. 2. Get some plywood or metal and build a panel frame to house the solar cells. 3. Prepare a piece of glass (or acrylic) to cover the panel frame. This piece of glass protects the solar cells from precipitation and allows sunlight to enter at the same time. 4. If you are using solar energy panels to charge up a battery bank, you’ll need to buy a suitable charge controller. 5. As your wire up your hardware to the mains, you’ll have to get an inverter with sufficient power rating so direct current (DC) from the solar energy panels can be converted into alternating current (AC). With the brief outline above, you can get an idea of how to make your own solar energy panels. But if you are serious about making a professional looking set of photovoltaic panels, you have to know how professionals build them. There are many excellent DIY guides that spill the beans on techniques that work. Using these tips, you can build each photovoltaic panel for less than $200. These panels can also last for more than 25 years if you build them properly. If you are a beginner or have never handled DIY projects before, these guides are the right resource for you. Even if you have extensive experience building DIY projects, you’ll find valuable insider secrets that can help you save tons of money as you bring your project to .pletion. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: