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UnCategorized Being able to draw a car well is often not as easy as we may first imagine. If you have attempted to do so and have become frustrated by the results then you will want to learn specific pointers that will assist you in knowing how to draw cars effectively. There are the dynamics of the actual image as well as the steps that should be taken which will need to be understood. One of the biggest problems is often to get the shading right. Without the correct contrast and tones the result can often just end up looking like a child’s drawing. To learn this takes a lot of practice. Try searching for sketches through a search engine and then compare these to actual photographs; you will be able to see how the artists have mimicked the shadows. Practice copying the outline of a photograph and then add the shading yourself. The perspective is another important aspect. If you draw various sections out of size or at weird angles then the overall picture will look simply strange. So, how to actually begin putting pencil to paper? Well, it makes sense to draw a side view of the car. To copy any image you should break it down into its component parts. This is going to be the base on which the rest of your drawing comes from; for this reason it is essential to take time to get the contours correct as later it would be difficult to rectify. Use a pencil lightly and erase any errors that are made. Patience is essential to be a good artist. Once you are happy with the side view then it is time to make a perspective. Choose a certain angle to which the cars lines will be projected. Using a straight edge lightly draw in these lines. The next stage is similar to the initial side view. It is here that the picture takes on a three dimensional perspective. You will need to work out the right distance along the projected lines to draw the further sections of the vehicle. After you have the basic outline in place then you can embolden the lines and start to think about the shades and tones that are necessary to bring the car alive. It is possible for any of us to learn to draw a car or other objects well. All that is required is a logical approach and the right determination. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: