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The Cavaliers want to chase the wizards, flank generals, chips, salary caps are difficult questions, Dudley will not wear the knight’s shirt? Sina sports Beijing time on February 6th, according to the news from NBC, Cleveland Cavaliers for wizards Dudley interested, and are ready to start before the trading deadline. Warriors are known to have one of the best league teams in the lineup. Both Thompson, Barnes and Iguodala are excellent wingers. Plus Green and curry high screen and act as a go-between, warriors created a coalition of the most powerful lineup of the ball. As the most powerful opponent for the champion of the warriors, although the Cavaliers played a good start under the leadership of James, but the depth of the lineup, especially the quality of the flank players still can not be compared with the warriors. Dudley of the Wizards is an experienced 3D player. Not only one point three points and good defense, but also a mess master. Dudley is a bit like Battier, who can be part four, so that James can be freed from occasional strikers. Although Knight says he intends to Dudley, but there are many variables to deal with this transaction. Does the wizard have the motivation to trade Dudley? The most important thing for wizards is to be able to perform better in the playoffs and stay healthy so that this year’s free market will be a strong contender for Durant. If it was to make room for Durant, then they did have a reason to trade Dudley. The important thing is, even if wizards have the motivation to trade, the Cavs don’t necessarily have enough bargaining chips. Now the most important bargaining chip for the Cavaliers is Molz Kopf. To have Gortat and Nene two inside the cornerstone of the wizards, and not what temptation. The Cavs may trade with their first round picks of 2018, but their extravagant tax is a new problem. (Ma Jia)

骑士欲追奇才侧翼大将 筹码工资帽都是难题 杜德利会不会披上骑士战袍?   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月6日,根据来自NBC的消息,克利夫兰骑士对奇才队的杜德利很感兴趣并且已经准备在交易截止日之前下手。   众所周知,勇士拥有联盟数一数二的侧翼阵容深度。无论是汤普森,巴恩斯还是伊戈达拉,都是非常出色的侧翼球员。加上格林和库里的高位掩护和穿针引线,勇士创造了一个联盟威力最大的小球阵容。   而作为与勇士争夺冠军最有力的对手,骑士虽然在詹姆斯的带领下打出了一波不错的开局,但是阵容深度,尤其是侧翼球员的质量依然无法与勇士相提并论。   奇才的杜德利是一个有经验的3D球员。不仅有一手三分和不错的防守同时也是一个乱战高手。杜德利有些类似巴蒂尔,可以兼任四号位,这样就能把詹姆斯从偶尔打大前锋的处境中解脱出来。   虽然骑士表示自己有意杜德利,但是这桩交易能否达成还是存在很多变量。   奇才有交易杜德利的动机吗?对于奇才来说,最重要的事情是能够在季后赛表现的更好一些,保持健康以便在今年的自由市场成为杜兰特的有力争夺者。如果是为杜兰特腾出交易空间,那么他们的确有交易杜德利的理由。   重要的问题是,即便奇才有交易的动机骑士却不一定有足够的交易筹码。现在骑士手中最重要的交易筹码是莫兹科夫。对于已经有了戈塔特和内内两大内线基石的奇才来说,并没有什么诱惑力。骑士可能用自己2018的首轮选秀权去交易,但是这样他们那已经搞得离谱的奢侈税就又是个新的难题了。   (马甲)相关的主题文章: