Kenya wildlife migration shocked the cctv- Sohu travel k-boxing

The great migration of wild animals in Kenya to the CCTV- Sohu Travel Africa, one of the origins of mankind, after a long period of time, the development of its civilization is still in its infancy. In addition to a few countries, the ancient continent, there are few traces of modern industry, so that more of the wild animals better preserved. The East African savannah is also known as the kingdom of animals, a beautiful gallery of nature. Kenya is located in eastern Africa, north of Ethiopia, South Sultan, west of Uganda, south of Tanzania, east of the India ocean, the equator line from the south through the East African prairie is the main country. Masai Mara wildlife reserve in Kenya, East Africa’s largest animal protection area, an area of 1670 square kilometers, a vast territory. The end of July each year to the end of August, during the dry season, millions of wildebeest, zebra, antelope, elephants and other herbivorous wild animal will be composed of a branch migration from the Tanzania army, go forward with great strength and vigour the Serengeti National Park, Kenya to Masai Mara National Nature Reserve for the protection, to find adequate water and forage. Attractive charm of the East African savannah morning. This is a 3000 km long journey, the animal must at a specific time of the completion of the mission, the way not only through the lion, cheetah ambush grassland, but also full of crocodiles and hippos across the Mara River, there are a large number of wildebeest and zebra will die on the road, but also there will be a large number of births in the the journey. On the move, staged scenes thrilling scene, wild, thrilling, tragic, cruel moment was most incisive interpretation. It is also the greatest migration in nature, the most spectacular of life on the Great Plains of East africa. This time period, the pursuit of the great migration of heroes gathered in Kenya. There, aerial land taken, I belong to the latter, the car was locked in a cage. Chinese CCTV from July 2012 began to broadcast the great migration, the year before last from 29-8 on July, 10, once again the topic of full coverage of the great migration of wild animals in East africa. Kilimanjaro is located in the south of 160 kilometers northeast of Tanzania and the Great Rift Valley, the equator and 3 degrees south latitude, and the junction of southern Kenya, is the highest mountain in Africa, in which the central volcano called Lu peak, 5892 meters above sea level, is Africa’s highest point, peak snow, known as the "roof of Africa" said. But in recent years the glacier phenomenon is very serious, I shot an elephant in Amboseli National Park migrate in Kenya on the evening of July 20th, a group of elephants across the snow, the snow on the mountains only a fleeting one -. The elephants of the mighty lion, cheetah movement heroic, it is difficult to do them, in addition to natural disasters, perhaps their only predators are humans. Every year a large number of poaching Ivory was captured, ivory smuggling demand in asia. The wildebeest is East African wild animal migration of the main, they have millions of huge forces, a strong sense of team. The migration of wildebeest run like assault soldiers, daring. Hale, dark brown skin, neck hanging full mane.相关的主题文章: