Joe Chen praised Haikou next year married invited Sheenah when the new net – Bridesmaid g-area meru

Joe Chen praised Haikou next year when the new marriage invited Sheenah September in Beijing – in 2, according to honor Taiwan’s ETTV news, Joe Chen debut 15 years, in recent years, then transferred to the center of gravity, TV, film, drama, always high popularity. Recently in the reality show "we are coming", lively and natural image once again captured the hearts of the audience, in the upcoming broadcast of the program revealed that the ideal type of rare, and boldly boasted in 2017 must be married! Joe Chen was asked to host Wang Han the ideal type of boys, first was laughing "make sure they can drink," she explained that although the ideal boyfriend doesn’t have to be able to drink, "but we must love to drink, but she has a similar interest and hobbies, so you can talk to, a remark site visitors are," she laughed at to find is not a boyfriend, but drinking!" In addition, in order to prove that he is Joe Chen in earnest about the ideal type, so pride left behind relentless 2017 must be married on the spot and invited guests of Sheenah and other female artists do bridesmaids, sounds quite confident, let the host couldn’t help laughing she can’t get married next year "how to do?" I saw her smile back "does not bear that there is no way ah!" Lovely guests amused the audience reaction.相关的主题文章: