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Jiezhuang valuation doorway children buy more cabinets, some businesses by Yanmi valuation, some of the cabinet pricing; the most popular custom furniture is denominated, according to some area, some of the shadow area; some decoration package is in accordance with the construction area, according to some area, some according to the measured area…… These all kinds of valuation methods, make household decoration confused, not knowing that businesses adopt different valuation methods, there are various "abacus". This was exactly what gate? In this regard, the Beijing morning news reporter visited the well-known home improvement company and the responsible person in charge of custom furniture business, listen to their professional interpretation. The cabinet of customization by Yanmi valuation Beijing morning news reporter visited found Home Furnishing store cabinet area, the common custom cabinets Market Valuation Methods: one is by Yanmi valuation is based on the valuation, a cabinet unit, which is widely used currently by Yanmi valuation market way. Such as Optima, gold is used by Yanmi valuation, Zhibang, my music cabinet is used by M2 valuation. What is the difference between the two valuation methods? For consumers, which is more cost-effective? Yanmi valuation is mainly in the cabinet is split into the cabinet, table, cabinet three parts, each part respectively calculate the price (and other hardware accessories should also increase). The launch of the brand on the market cabinets customized packages, there are specific requirements for the meter number, more than the basic specifications, you need another count of money. The cabinet unit valuation is specific to the cabinet, cabinet fittings, partitions, styles and sizes, according to each specific standard cabinet offers comprehensive calculation. Optima cabinet Beijing marketing company general manager Yao Gang said, Yanmi valuation should be said that the current mainstream market valuation method, relative to the valuation by a cabinet unit, free of relatively large, can be configured according to changes in consumer demand, the unit valuation is a single element cabinet internal structure provided by the merchant is what the consumer can from this several pick. However, according to the cabinet unit valuation is simple and clear, easy to calculate. Which valuation method is more cost-effective? In fact, the two methods are different, but for consumers, but also a law to follow. The kitchen size package conforms to the enterprise requirements, but also to the custom cabinets ideas and more demanding, chosen by Yanmi valuation more suitable; if the cabinet is selected according to the requirements of simple, valuation unit cabinet. According to custom closet area valuation Beijing morning news reporter then visited Home Furnishing stores in the custom area, to custom closet market there are two common valuation methods: one is based on the developed area, another is based on shadow area. Can be seen from the literal, the expansion area is calculated according to the size of the wardrobe to start. That is, the structure of the wardrobe completely split, the plates, hardware, partitions, back panels and related accessories, such as the full calculation of the area and unit price, and finally add the total price. Currently, the majority of brands on the market to expand the area of valuation, such as Holike, Syman, etc.. According to the valuation projection area is according to the wardrobe front projection area is (i.e. chest length × high), depth (width) is the standard size of 60 cm (each enterprise will have different requirements), generally do not contain the door. Wardrobe)相关的主题文章: