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Jane Zhang’s marriage was the mother against stage tears: hope and all good – Jiangxi Channel – people.com.cn Jane Zhang debut release, voice choked. Jane Zhang back to wipe tears. Jane Zhang’s fiance Feng Ke is containment in the conference background. Related reading: Jane Zhang mother issued an open letter: Feng Ke and my daughter married is a conspiracy! Red Net News (October 9th Changsha time news reporter Zhu Qing) yesterday was traced to the wedding will be held in Italy in November 9th, October 9th morning, mother Jane Zhang through the network issued a public letter "I don’t want to let her daughter go wrong", openly oppose the daughter’s marriage, let sweet atmosphere suddenly reversed. This afternoon, is at the center of the storm Jane Zhang debut in Chengdu to participate in the concert stage of the conference, she is unable to restrain the emotions crying into tears, if referred to sigh: "what kind of problem, I have infinite patience to persist and face…… I will be good, hope and everyone is good." Words seem very helpless. Fiance issued a statement: property and Jane Zhang a total of October 9th in the morning, the mother of the sun through the network open an open letter against her daughter’s marriage with Feng Ke. Jane Zhang mother pointed out that Feng Ke is not a man entrusted with life, a clear opposition to the marriage of the marriage of Jane Zhang and Feng Ke. She said Feng Ke deceived Jane Zhang as a "mistress", even to Jane Zhang and her company. For the letter let public opinion instantaneous explosion, Jane Zhang’s mother subsequently accepted Chengdu local media confirmed, she sighed: "I am very happy, I also know that Liangying will not be happy, but no way, must say." At noon on October 9th, Jane Zhang’s fiance Feng Ke micro-blog responded by individual, listed property agreement and certificate of lawyers, and Jane Zhang had already said premarital property notary, all his property before and after marriage, all belong to the Jane Zhang and Feng Ke all together. Feng Ke also said in the article, signed a will, if you encounter an accident, after the death of the name of all heritage, all belong to Jane Zhang. Had married Feng Ke life style refers to Jane Zhang mother, Jane Zhang clarified that year because of the chance that they not finished for divorce, two people had to break up, after the composite communication. At that time, because he was unable to complete the legal status of divorce procedures. Jane Zhang helpless tears in the center of the storm, Jane Zhang promised to participate in the concert debut in Chengdu on October 9th in the afternoon news conference, wearing a skirt of her eyes red stage, facing many "fans" for refueling, her debut after he turned back again and again to wipe the tears. Although the host mentioned to avoid controversy, but Jane Zhang took the initiative to say, choking sighs: "no matter good or bad, I will face, I love my life, because the rich enough, let me have more feelings sing into my music, this is my blessing." 13 years of emotional long-distance running overnight become the focus of the topic, Jane Zhang, if you give a response, said: a lot of things, not a good start, but I know the last thing I want. Just like music is a part of me, when I was a child, I was lonely, I would be a lot相关的主题文章: