It was found that horseshoe kidney cause kidney stones tamiflu

It is found that the horseshoe kidney cause kidney stones ate for two years stomach medicine is found in horseshoe kidney and cause kidney stones more than and 10 years ago, just to work in Chengdu shortly after Wang Qiang suddenly feel the waist pain, because labor, workers are concerned about whether he was "cold and wet weight". In the vicinity of the clinic, the doctor gave Wang Qiang a shot for "cold" medicine, low back pain symptoms a few days, but not for a long time, Wang Qiang felt stomach pain. Wang Qiang in many hospitals, clinics, doctors are in accordance with the symptoms of abdominal pain, stomach root treatment. "Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine to eat a lot, do not work." Wang Qiang said. Until the hematuria, a doctor suspected of renal calculi, X-ray examination, found this, Wang Qiang looks different with normal kidney. The normal kidney is one of the left and right sides, and the bottom of Wang Qiang’s kidney is connected to a U – shaped "horseshoe kidney"". This is a kind of both sides of the upper pole of the kidney or lower pole fusion of congenital diseases, the incidence rate of 1500 to 11000, the proportion of men and women 4:1. "Kidney related complications, such as stones, tumors, bleeding and infection, are high." Department of Urology Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital director Qiu Mingxing explained that each province hospital patients in 10 cases of horseshoe kidney around although horseshoe kidney does not affect the normal renal function and daily life, but the long-term risk of kidney stones, effusion, chronic nephritis is higher than 60%. 2 years of pain, it is because Wang Qiang left Shenchang stone a diameter has reached 2.5 cm. "The doctor at the county hospital said that I was the first horseshoe kidney he had seen in more than 30 years." Wang Qiang understood that, it is because of the special position of kidney structure torsion, originally should behave as lumbago, kidney stones, "transfer" to the abdominal pain, only in vain to eat more than 2 years of stomach medicine. So now I have a good stomach." Wang Qiang said humorously, is also a lucky hit.相关的主题文章: