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IPhone 6S 40% automatic power off Apple said that recently, the media reported that many iPhone 6S users have encountered the phone there are 40% power on the case of automatic shutdown. How does the apple respond, and how does the expert view it? According to the Beijing morning news hit, Beijing people reflect Mr. Song, after his cool iPhone 6S cell phone in the outdoor often in 40% when the electricity suddenly shut down, after charging to start using the. Mr. Zhu said he was an outdoor worker, most of the time every day to work outdoors, this situation has seriously affected his cell phone use. Zhu said that he was in September last year in an electronic business platform to buy the iPhone 6S mobile phone, fortunately, last winter, the case of a sudden shutdown is not so serious this year". At the end of October this year, he put the mobile phone sent to Apple’s official customer service maintenance. After inspection, the staff said the mobile phone battery is no problem, that if the brush, brush the problems still exist, we need to return to factory repair or replacement, but because of the warranty period, Mr. Zhu may have to spend two thousand or three thousand yuan. Reporters found that a iPhone 6S automatic shutdown, there are more than and 600 people in the QQ group, activists from all over the country, users use 6S mobile phone time from a few months to more than a year. There is also a group of users to share tips to solve this problem. "When the system is upgraded to iOS10.1.1, the situation will be slightly better, but not more than two hours in the open air." "Put the phone close to the body warm and warm, if good luck can boot". "Make do with it, after all, is not cheap, you can’t have an apple, replacement". Beijing Xidan City Apple store technical staff said that the battery, hardware system, the motherboard and the weather may lead to problems such as automatic shutdown, automatic shutdown users encounter cold, can call Apple customer service at IMEI series mobile phone number, check the battery hardware status, such as the battery problem is recommended to upgrade the system, if the system upgrade still can not solve, the user may appear a package is not complete in system upgrade. Specific problems to the maintenance of the motherboard can really determine the detection point". Technical staff said the use of iOS devices in the lower operating temperature range of cold environment may temporarily shorten the battery life time, and cause the device off, recommend the use of iOS equipment at temperatures between 0 and 35 DEG C environment. Department of communication engineering, Beijing University of Technology, Professor Li said that the mobile phone lithium battery temperature is too low, the capacitance will indeed decay, but above 0 degrees should not be affected. He said that the mobile phone automatic shutdown may be battery performance curve of aging, cause battery percentage is not accurate, may also be the battery aging, some applications need to consume a large current, internal resistance output is not enough to shut down, "if you frequently need to return to factory maintenance shutdown test".相关的主题文章: