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Alice Mak, the mother of McDull: McDull story will always be written down [Abstract] in this interview, Alice Mak said several times, McDull like my son (son). "McDull & #183; rice treasure Raiders" ultimate notice Springfield flowers in a huge crisis of Tencent (Wen Li entertainment Zhuangao Xiao Li photography Zhang Geyang) more than two years later, the famous McDull back. Prior to the release, Tencent entertainment interview to McDull mother Alice Mak. Alice Mak and her husband Xie Liwen and her husband Xie Liwen created the McDull series of Alice Mak, appeared in media reports often dubbed the "McDull" mother of the title, she smiled and said: "he (Xie Liwen) for more." Thin Alice Mak reportedly never had a video interview — so far it is because even if McDull series popular in the three places, Alice Mak saw the camera will still be nervous to speak. In the interview, Alice Mak started a little stiff, Yiziyizi speaks very slowly, encounter sure will go back to confirm the assistant pronunciation. But when it comes to the details of the creation, she appears to be a lot of activity, talked about the rise, she eagerly told reporters: the restaurant mentioned inside is really open in Hongkong, are good to eat, have the opportunity to try". When the propaganda "McDull rice treasure" Jones, Alice Mak said several times "McDull like my son (son), McDull series has been in front of several departments, and Alice Mak have been experimenting with new content, will continue. Alice Mak and McDull McDull to tell new stories, few McDull works or I can’t write down "McDull rice treasure Raiders" with the front of the character than it changes a lot, the audience familiar with May, Miss Chan, a character role did not appear, also appeared like wheat Dou pig sister April, even McDull mother’s part into a new story line. Besides the character change, "McDull rice treasure Raiders" or McDull series for the first time using 3D technology, style and colourful than before a lot, in contrast to the more intense. In this regard, Alice Mak responded that McDull story has been told for a long time, if there is no change, it is not only the audience feel boring, and even their own can not write down. "McDull" rice treasure Raiders "McDull series is the first" action film "McDull first try big monster, I think McDull always have a new attempt, with warmth, there are more lively, the audience may feel more fresh, I draw up it will be more interesting." Making use of 3D in the view of Alice Mak is "a natural thing", because the theme of reason, this just can enhance the viewing experience with 3D technology. When asked what would not worry about the audience does not accept such a huge change, Alice Mak laughed: "after all, is a cartoon like naughty thing, there will be a lot of different stories, some stories may be in the pocket is a Rima kindergarten, my mother and I" McDull "Rima pocket adult, in this one McDull is a primary school, of course, in different stages have different characters in different stages, as we all know different people.".相关的主题文章: